Microsoft to make more 'family focused' games, Rare is the key

Microsoft plans to complete with Wii using Rare-developed games and by introducing new casual titles.

A report on Dow Jones Newswires says that Microsoft is looking to compete much closer with the Nintendo Wii and its wider, family audience by creating more family-focused video games.

In a bid to raise 360 sales further, Microsoft Asia-Pacific's Alan Bowman said the company plans to cater for different age groups, naming cartoon-based titles and word-puzzle games as specific types of new titles the firm wants to introduce.

"A key strategy for us is to give broad choice for people. You need to provide content which broadens your base of users from core gamers to different age groups," said Bowman.

"We're doing a lot in broadening the content for the Xbox 360."

UK studio Rare is key to the push, he added, saying the studio was already developing new games for wide audiences.

"Now they're starting to produce games with very, very broad appeal," Bowman said. He added: "If you look at Guitar Hero, it's something which can be played by the whole family, by kids, males, females, adults.

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MK_Red4042d ago

Kinda stupid considering Rare has made some of the best hardcore / non-casual games in the past.
If Rare is indeed force to make more "family focused games" then all the hope for next Killer Instinct or Conker goes right out of the window...

predator4042d ago

i duno rares team is huge they 6 or 7 different teams there, perfect dark 2 is a given, banjo 3 is confirmed, i wont rule out killer instint 3 just yet, theres to many people who want that game, including me.

iNcRiMiNaTi4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

oh man that would be pick sabrewulf right away


predator4042d ago

i think every fighting genre fan would love for there to be killer instinct 3, just imagine what they could do with the power of next gen.

MK_Red4042d ago

God, Killer Instinct 3 would be sweet. A game to kill for.

But I love anything Rare makes. A new Conker, Perfect Dark, Kameo, Viva Pinata... I just hope family friendly games from Rare doesn't mean casual.

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titntin4042d ago

I rather think rare has lost what made it special. I hope I'm wrong,
but kameo, Perfect Dark - the pinyata games, they're all pretty forgettable.
I hope they can recover and produce a Banjo 3 thats really special, but many good developers fail to produce when they are absorbed by a huge cooperation, and it looks like thats what happenign at Rare. If this turns out to be the case - it would be a huge shame.

I'm not too sure about Microsofts startagey here - their market has been core gamers and they've done it very well. IMHO, they should be hanging on to companies like Bioware and Bungie and not concentrating on games for kids and grannies...

...mind you, I'd of said the same about nintendo if you had asked me before the Wii, and I couldn't have been more wrong! :)

predator4042d ago

i disagree with u there on viva pinata, that was one of the best games of last year, most people that played loved and said rare has its magic back.

u also need to remeber that perfect dark and kameo were rushed for launch,

wait and see, rare are not done yet

fredy4042d ago

soem refreshing new platformers are welcomed..DonKey Kong Country was so refreshing when it came out.

Put up or shut up Rare.

ceedubya94042d ago

That's all you need to do to compete. Family games will just come with more console sales.

Andronix4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Rare have historically produced some great games. Goldeneye, Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo & Kazooie, Perfect Dark. But Rare havent produced a classic for some time. Grabbed by the Ghoulies? wtf was that? I havent played Viva Pinata but i hear its v.good. But Perfect Dark Zero? I know it was a launch title but it was so bad looking.

Now Microsoft have Rare focused on making Nintendo style family games (they wish) whilst abandoning original games with an edge that appeal to mass market gamers. No action games? No mature games? NO NEW CLASSICS? It seems Microsoft have chopped of Rare's boll*cks. Time will tell, but I hope im wrong.

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