Cliffy B and the Curious Case of Genre Snobbery

GamePro: Cliff Bleszinski of Epic believes that "if you're a Final Fantasy Tactics​ guy, you probably shouldn't be reviewing Gears of War." Does he have a point?

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Optical_Matrix3208d ago

Yes, in a way. What I believe is that, if you DON'T like a genre, you shouldn't be reviewing games within that genre. I play any genre, as long as the game as good. I have my preferences but I go into games open minded. A lot of these journalists that review JRPG's for example, go in with pre-emptive negative thoughts and don't even like the genre.
RPG's should be reviewed by people who like RPG's. Because you know, RPG's are made for RPG's that play them. Same with all genre's. He has a point I think.

Simon_Brezhnev3207d ago

wth why are u get disagrees. Everything you said is right.

Kaizin5143207d ago

There, I added an agree to even it out.

EVILDEAD3603207d ago

Cliffy hit it on the nail as usual..

Uninformed gamers reviewing a genre that they hate is a straight up injustice. It hilarious how his comments got Destructoid and now Gamepro losing their minds and spinning the comment as negative as possible.

Doesn't the end of the day..Epic delivered.Gears is here and when those numbers come in Cliffy can enjoy the fact that the fans voted with their wallets..

Trophywhore3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

My god this guy thinks he is immune to criticism. He acting no better than Kevin Smith right now. Dont even defend this guy. He is just trying to whore more attention by saying stupid crap as usual.

Class. A. Troll.

NewMonday3207d ago

dosn't stop western shooter loving reviewers from flaming JRPGs

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Baka-akaB3207d ago

It's BS i say . What truly matters , is if the reviewer disclosed from the get go that he isnt a fan of the genre , therefore providing an external outlook upon the game .

What would also matter would be someone not purposely reviewing a genre he clearly hates .

coryok3207d ago

hell ya, i completely agree. if i were to review gears i would probably give it a bad review, thats not because its a bad game, its because i dont like first person shooters. on the other hand, if i were to review white knight chronicles 2 i would give it a great review because thats the type of game that i like.

what i dont agree with is the way hes only taking offense when its his game being reviewed like this. if he thinks its bad he should speak out in defense of other genres which get negatively reviewed by fps fans.

Max Power3207d ago

Um, its a third person shooter.

Chaostar3207d ago

Excellent article and I agree with it completely.

Cliffy tends to get overly defensive of his 'babies', I can understand his desire to protect his interests but he doesn't really think before opening his trap.

I'm still shocked by his ignorant comments on the Playstation buttons! I mean, come on, the square, circle, cross and triangle are as iconic and synonymous with gaming as the Mario mushroom.

JOLLY13207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I would say that A & B are way more iconic. I mean come on...Contra code. NES and basically every other console since (besides the sony ones)had them. I still think the sone button characters are daft.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

You know you're a fanboy when you star debating over which button characters are superior hahah :D jk

Silly gameAr3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )


You said it. Never thought I would see someone try to start a "my buttons are more iconic then yours" argument.

Chaostar3207d ago

Lol I'm not gonna debate what buttons are the best; I was just pointing out that the PS ones are more iconic than cliffy gives them credit for. Why does everything have to be reduced to a bloody childish competition!?

Eoure3207d ago

And you wanna know who started it all? Our good friend Cliffy.

Godmars2903207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Funny to he should be making that complaint when the industry has been overly focused on FPS/TPS this gen.

More so when the man manages to come off as being a fanboy. Weather or not he actually is.

Hufandpuf3207d ago

I agree, if I listen to rap music, what gives me credibility reviewing country music if its not my thing? I also counter agree, because seeing people's opinions from people of a different element can help you build a game that keeps them in mind or allow a better transition for them in the future.

dgonza403207d ago

I think the author is trying to say that people can like more than one genre, and can therfore give their opinon on the games within those genres.

Like someone can like tactical RPG's and 3rd person shooters.

Atleast that's what i got from the article O.o

WhiteLightning3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I think he has a point...

I don't know what she's called or what game she was reviewing...but a female reviewer on Eurogamer gave this game (it may of been a PS3 exclusive) a low score even though the game was actualy alright. She said her self she was more of a Super Mario Galaxy 2 gamer and liked those types of games yet she reviewed this game despite not having an interest in that genre basicaly letting her personal feelings get in the way of the review.

IF anyone has a clue at what game it was I'm going on about please feel free to tell's bugging me actually.

Although, I supposen on the other hand if a person is in love with that type of genre/game/theme then they will over look most problems and give the game a really really high score.

Cablephish3207d ago

Yep, you're right. Ultimately, this is a terrible case of bias. This person REALLY shouldn't be reviewing this game. It's very hard to eliminate bias completely from the equation though, as everyone has preferences when it comes to everything.

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