First Soul Calibur Legends Review Isn't Good... 6.5/10

The usually brilliant Soul Calibur series has made its appearance on Wii in the form of a spin-off adventure game, but, unfortunately for Nintendo fans, word is it's not up to scratch.

The latest issue of Nintendo Power, the official Nintendo Magazine in the US, has published the first review for the game - a small, easily missed column at the back of the reviews section - with a score of just 6.5 out of 10. Oh dear.

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TnS3993d ago

It is not that bad if we consider that Assassin's Creed got the same score from IGN UK... :)

Maestro3993d ago

This game has failure written all over it. Look at those bland environments and ugly assets. (The jade dragon looks impressive, though)

doublertist3993d ago

considering that its on wii im not surprised...everyone who has a truely next gen console have been spoiled with great graphics, so to fall back to last gen graphics doesnt interest me too much...and yes i do have a wii and i am continuously disappointed with the graphics of every game taht comes out... i mean the pure fun can only carry something so far before you want more

fredy3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

this is soul caliber were talking about, I guess nothing will ever duplicate the success of the original Dreamcast version.

Something is wrong here...this is soul caliber right?

This game isp robably better on the PS3 anyways.

Rute3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

"...this is soul caliber right?"

Nope, it's Soul Calibur.

Sad to say this, but the future for 3rd party games on Wii doesn't look bright. When even the most innovative hardcore games like Zack and Wiki bomb sales-wise, there is no hope for these kind of medocre titles.

I used to believe that the brisk hardware sales and the commercial success of early 3rd party games would have encouraged both developers and players to consider Wii as something more than a platform for Nintendo games.

Somehow, the situation is the opposite. Have people gotten so used to half-assed offerings that they think it's impossible to play good 3rd party games on Wii? That leads to vicious cycle where less people interested in 3rd party games means less money for Wii software development, which in turn repels even more people away.

If Nintendo had made a more powerful console and sold it at loss, they would at least had the quality multi-platform games like Cod4. Now it's just too big a risk to invest in Wii software development.

Darkiewonder3993d ago

To use the Remote as your weapon.


Brainiac 83993d ago

I'm one of the elite few who value what the Wii is doing despite also loving the graphical powers of the PS3, and I knew this game has "Death by Degree" suck written all over it.

It wasn't even on my top 20 wanted Wii games list.

It's ok, I'll have the new Trauma Center on Tuesday, which anyone who loves games that require quick thinking and reflexes will just eat up.

BrotherNick3993d ago

yeah, why the hell are they making an adventure game, make a fighting game damnit!

power of Green 3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Wasn't going to buy it anyways it has the ugly PS3 graphical limitations making it look like sh*t. Like they didn't even try to take advantage of the 360's hardware like the other multi platform games.

NOTE: I havn't looked at any Wii pics I'm talking about the other versions.

akaFullMetal3993d ago

what are you talking about powerofgreen??? this is exclusive to wii

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The story is too old to be commented.