Video-preview shows in-game Ghostbusters footage

The Dutch website has released a video-preview for Vivendi's upcoming Ghostbusters game. Although it's in Dutch, the video shows a lot of in-game footage from the game compared with scenes from the original movies.

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Silver Bull3t4079d ago

you can see on the footage ques for X and A buttons. It also sounded like they mentioned it running on Unreal Engine.

Guess my hunch about a PS3 exclusive is out the window...

Complete with Ray Parker Jr. soundtrack for Skerj.

Tommie4079d ago

So here are some quick grabs from the preview:

- Probably based on first Ghostbusters movie
- Graphics are asthonishing, with vibrant colors and very nice details
- Released on almost every platform
- Released in Q4 2008
- Bill Murray and other actors from the movies are heavily involved with the game, writing the script and assisting with development.
- Looks like a combination of Luigi's Mansion and Gears of War
- Insidegamer was promised that new information will follow soon

Silver Bull3t4079d ago

Thanks for the heads-up!

btw The Netherlands is beautiful.

Feihc Retsam4079d ago

I'll definitely play this game.
I loved the movies. Great combination of comedy and action.

It looks like they built the game on nearly the same engine specs that Gears of War used. Right down to the camera position. Not that it's bad thing at all, just an observation.

TheMART4079d ago

It is probably running on the Unreal 3 engine, didn't I read somewhere on this site that Vivendi would release a game with this engine. It's sort of a shooter and there aren't much engines out there released and proven to run good on as wel PS3 as the 360

Jeppe4079d ago

It was a fun game back then. When I had my C64/128 =)

Graphics looks a lot better now. Hope the same applies to the game play.