Top 10 Reasons You Can't Resist Gears of War 3

From the feature top 10 list:

"It’s finally here. After so many months of waiting, a painful delay, an awesome beta and literally countless hours of us talking about it, we can finally rest at ease knowing Gears of War 3 has FINALLY arrived exclusively on the Xbox 360. And Microsoft’s killer app definitely lives up to the hype, as you can tell from our praise-worthy review. But what if that isn’t enough to convince you to pick it up? What are you nuts? Why would you not pick it up? Paycheck? Buy the game and eat mac and cheese for a few days. Girlfriend? Hey, a true one would understand the plight you need to put up with regarding Delta Squad. (Hell, an even better one would JOIN you in co-op.) Broken Xbox? Hey, there’s a great new one to buy."

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UltimaEnder3215d ago

Got it, don't need convincing - top Xbox 360 exclusive of the year, hands-down...maybe not GotY, we shall see...

NukaCola3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Xbox GOTY for sure.

I am pretty sure as good as it, Uncharted 3, RAGE, Arkham, and well Portal 2, LBP, etc etc is... I really think with what Bethesda is doing in ESV, and the relief to see what the CREATION Engine is doing on console, SKYRIM looks to take just about every damn award.

Deadman_Senji3215d ago

More like only xbox 360 exclusive of the year.

Anon19743215d ago

I'll get it eventually, but I passed already today. I was walking buy the store in the mall and thought "Should I get it? I still have a stack of games I haven't finished yet, and I've had Portal 2 since launch and haven't even popped it in yet."

So I passed. I will pick it up eventually, but maybe if I have a gift certificate, or I have some games to trade in or something. Gears is one of my favorite series, hands down, but I've never feel like I just have to play a game the second it's released. I find usually when I do that the games are often buggy, or the online is broken or some such nonsense. It never hurts to wait a couple of months, then the price may have dropped already and there's a few patches out so it plays smoother. And I just started playing Alan Wake this weekend anyway.

LaurenKB1233215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Already have it...

TBM3215d ago

i can resist any game on my PS3, 360, or Wii if i felt like not playing it lol.

kma2k3215d ago

I cannot wait to play this damn game, but i have a conter offer.

1 Reason why i CAN resist Gears of War 3
1. I do not have it to play! :(

cochise3133215d ago

This game just looks crazy. Amazon didn't make it on time with my release day delivery -___-

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