NHL 12 Shatters Records In First Week

XXLGaming writes, "NHL 12 had its biggest first week in franchise history. Sales were up 19% over last year and this is definitely one game that deserves to be played by any sports fan. EA plans on bringing franchise to Facebook with NHL Superstars in October."

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Raoh3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Well deserved, great franchise.

Probably the best sports game series in existence.

Robotronfiend3207d ago

Have they released a patch yet to address the freezing issues with the game? I've heard from friends who have the game that it freezes up on them hourly. They've also had significant issues completing an online game without one of the sides disconnecting due to nerdrage or a game freeze.

If they can fix that issue, I'll almost certainly buy it ASAP.

rwallace3207d ago

Interesting. I had one freeze but figures I caused it when in the replay editor. Other than that, no freezes and I haven't played religiously online yet either to know of disconnection issues. Hopefully they get it fixed up.