I Want I Want I Want!!! Why Gamers Need Constant Rewards

“I want it all and I want it NOW!” Damn we gamers love rewards. From cutscenes to Big F***ing Guns to Body Armour to new characters, we always want more more more! Yet we can’t just take. As gamers we have to earn our rewards. We have to plough through waves of enemies, make daring leaps from platform to platform and level up our characters one stat at a time as we continually move from action to reward to bigger actions and bigger rewards... .

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dangert123209d ago

I'm not a fan of Trophy/Achivements

But i like being able to unlock things in games

Paulh823209d ago

Yeah dude; everyone has their own different kinds of rewards they like. Im kinda the same as you. not too big on achievements but if I can unlock a rare gun or a new character, that's what I love.

I think the way in which youre rewarded for gameplay is one of the key things differentiating types of games.