Should We Be Worried About Dead or Alive 5?

Kenneth Richardson at DS writes:"The fighting genre has really picked up its stride recently. Both old franchises and entirely new properties are dropping right and left, and this is the best time to be fighting fan since the nineties. The Dead or Alive series sits near the very top of my list of my favorite fighting games.

Its controls are remarkably simple, yet this never detracts from the exciting mind games that take place in the complex, high level play. True series fans have been primarily satiated over the last five, almost six years (we’re talking Xbox 360 launch) by Dead or Alive 4. The game is still played frequently by a dedicated fan base."

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waltyftm3211d ago

The only thing that worries me about DOA5 is that it might be gimped on the PS3, i want a Blu ray chock full of goodies not just a port of the x360 version.

Peaceful_Jelly3211d ago


I think the DvD9 is perfectly capable of handling a fighting game. These kind of games only have small stages and some character models is not like it'l pack a ton of CGI, voice acting and all that stuff to even fill half of of the 8-something GB's in the DVD9.

waltyftm3211d ago

You think too small, i want massive multi tier levels, awesome cgi openings, cut scenes and endings, create character modes, character viewers, youtube uploads, anybody want to add something feel free.

Tanir3211d ago

if u know anything about hayashi, he loves the ps3, i mean if he goes through the trouble of completly remaking ninja gaiden 1, and redoing and adding alot on sigma 2, why would he gimp the ps3 version of doa5 lol

Lord_Sloth3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

I think that gore and big breasts make a game more juvenile so I wouldn't hold realistic breast sizes and a reduction in gore against the game so long as I enjoy the gameplay.

As for NG3, I reserve my opinion until I try the game itself. I enjoyed both Sigma titles and have been a fan of DoA since the PS1 and the new game looks....Like DoA. I can't wait.

Hicken3211d ago

To me, it's all in how the gore and breasts are done.

For Ninja Gaiden, it emphasizes the action and brutality of the game (the gore, not the breasts).

As for DOA, the eye candy has always been a hallmark of the series. It doesn't add much to the gameplay- if anything- but DOA just wouldn't feel like DOA without it.

Lord_Sloth3211d ago

I think you might be surprised. The woman can still be exceptionally sexy without swollen bosoms.

Hicken3211d ago

I'm not saying they can't. Hell, I prefer the less endowed, anyway. Of all fighting game characters, the two I like to look at and use most are Wakaba Hinata from Rival Schools and Noel Vermilion from BlazBlue. Neither is particularly "sexy" or well-endowed.

But it's akin to Ninja Theory changing Dante's iconic looks: the game just loses a part of what made it what it is. Not to say that the game can't be as good without the gore, Dante's looks, or the big, nearly exposed breasts, but each is a part of what has made the game what it is, and it will definitely take some getting used to for fans.

Quite honestly, I think moves like that are part of an annoying trend in gaming, which is to cater to as many people as possible for the sake of generating money. Moves like that make the game more accessible to kids, which makes parents more likely to buy the game. Too often, though, parents eschew whatever information they could have about a game and just buy their child whatever he or she wants.

I couldn't tell you how many times parents have brushed me off as I attempted to tell them of the content in a Grand Theft game... or how many times they knew and STILL chose to purchase the game for a child under ten.

At the same time, we have watering down of the more "hardcore" titles to appeal to a wider audience, and as a longtime gamer, that irks me to no end.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of those types that only likes violence and nudity; while I've never played God of War, I have a 50+ game rpg library, because I prefer story and character over the rest. But I don't like that the gaming community feels that conforming seems to be the only way to be "accepted."

Tanir3211d ago

looks absolutely amazing so far, atleast doa5 looks to be different from other fighters, and im a fighter lover!

Shojin13210d ago

If anything its gettting a breast increase. I found DOA4 my least favorite with 3 being my fav. Itagaki not being present is not really a issue for me as long as the team goes back to a DOA3 style of play (woods/mountains and cities). The team has stated they wanted overall WOW! factor to be back in place and thats a + in my book.
SF4(A,2012) is just not to my taste.
DOA5 and Ninja Gaiden 3 are probably being built on PS hardware this time with ports going the other direction and scale backs to that system not the other way around this time...