Nexon fast becoming the #1 F2P MMO Publisher? writer Daniel Owens talks about his opinion on Nexon and their potential success in the future. Very interesting read for anyone interested in RPGs and MMOs

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ATi_Elite3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I already thought they were!

Dragon Nest
Lunia: Record of Lunia War
Battle of the Immortals
Dark Ages
Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds

about a gazillion people play Maplestory (Hmmm Pancakes) and Vindictus is pretty DAM good, so good i can't believe it's free sometimes.

MMOGames3216d ago

Yeah, they say they are number one and I like to believe them. There are some upcoming F2P titles that may change that however, but as the article says if Nexon keeps doing what they are doing and constantly strive to improve they will stay on top.

Megaton3216d ago

Yeah, pretty sure they've been #1 for years. Many P2P and F2P have risen and fallen in the shadow of MapleStory.

MMOGames3216d ago

They now invade facebook it seems too :P can never escape the almighty MapleStory.

Spenok3215d ago

Dont think i could agree more. Vindictus and Dragons nest put them in that spot for me.

zeal0us3217d ago

Have to say Aeria isn't that far behind them. Perfect World Entertainment is now just expanding beyond MMORPGs gates. Nexon will be on the top for years to come.

Tanir3216d ago

Nexon games are amazing, especially vindictus and dragon they just need to fix their customer service