Homefront 2 heading to Xbox 720, PS4 and Wii U?

The big buzz all over the gaming community is the fact that we’re going to see a sequel to THQ’s Homefront in the hands of Crytek.

The game will be out on consoles and PC within THQ’s FY2014, which means a launch between April 2013 and March 2014.

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narutogameking3219d ago

It's common sense. Really.
Next-gen will definitely be out by the time this game comes out.

Mrmagnumman3573219d ago

yeah they will start developing the game in late 2012 and release it late 2014 for PS4, and xbox 720

Tachyon_Nova3219d ago

The games release window is THQ's fiscal 2014, which starts April 1 2013 and finishes March 31 2014.

They have likely already started working on it, Crytek UK are seemingly only handling Crysis's port to consoles, which would not take an entire 70+ man team to do.

Persistantthug3219d ago

Basically, if Microsoft and Sony get serious about their next gen systems in 2012, then that pretty much means they'll have nothing out until holiday 2014.

Keep in mind it takes years to get a console designed, developed and fabricated....and with the economy and how much it costs to make, AND because a new console means starting over again which is a risk.....I don't think Sony want's to bring out a new console until 2014.

Microsoft hasn't shown too much interest either.

But we'll have to see.

narutogameking3219d ago

PS4 and Xbox 720 have been in development for years now. I doubt anything will be finalized until next year though. So I expect next-gen consoles to come out in 2013.

Persistantthug3218d ago

When the XBOX 360 was in development, we knew about it 2 1/2 years before it's official announcement at E3 2005.
We knew years before they officially told the public.

Why? Because we have 24 hour news, internet, camera phones...etc.

There's no console from the major players that gets by us now.

So if Microsoft really is working on it, I mean SERIOUSLY working on some new console hardware....then where is it at?

TitanUp3219d ago

homefront 1 story was too short but i still enjoyed it

godslayer4293219d ago

no thanks game was horrid

Hazmat133219d ago

the game used a real enemy of the world instead of russia. north korea.

jony_dols3212d ago

But hey at least Russia has the numbers, arsenal & oil required for a full scale invasion of the US.

North Korea has an ill-equipped army that is incapable of developing a working cruise missile. They aren't exactly a world beater, especially considering half the country is under the threat of famine & it's people are on the brink of starvation.

Hazmat133212d ago

very true but they are still a enemy of this world nuclear war is far off when men of war take charge.

Miths3219d ago

"It still remains to be seen though whether we’re actually see a PS4 or Xbox 720 but it is very unlikely that both Sony and Microsoft wouldn’t want to compete with Nintendo’s Wii U."

That's not really going to be a competition, is it?
As I've understood it the Wii U is only expected to be marginally more powerful than the borderline antique PS3 and 360 hardware, so I imagine the PS4 and 720 will make the Wii U look more or less like the regular Wii currently does in comparison to the PS3/360 in terms of graphical power.

2EHO3218d ago

You understand wrong! The underclocked Wii U dev kits were reported to be 50% more powerful than PS3. The new dev kits blow that out the water. Multiple anonyomus sources have reported new dev kits to be 4-5 times as powerful than PS3. Wii U will be like Xbox 360-PS3 this gen compared to PS4.

BlmThug3218d ago

Haha. Wii U is underpowered. Its going to hold back gaming hell it has no f**king HDD.

ChickeyCantor3218d ago

"As I've understood it the Wii U is only expected to be marginally more powerful than the borderline antique PS3 and 360 hardware, "

You mean as the "media"understands?

No actual specs on raw powers are given.
And the final dev kids were only handed out after E3.

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