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We take a look at Chrono Trigger before its release on PSN in the coming weeks.

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disturbing_flame3218d ago

One of the best JRPG ever released.

Playable on TV, like it should be played.

NukaCola3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Been playable on TV over 16 years.

disturbing_flame3218d ago

It has been released first on SNES and port to PSX.

This game is designed to be played on TV.

NukaCola3218d ago

I personally wish they would have released it like Sega does their games. Where it's like an emulated system, so you can tweak the graphics a little, or screen size, and also so they could add trophies to this. Wish it wasn't just a port of a port personally. I think I might scoop it up eventually. I love having classics on the PSP since I travel a lot. Having stuff like Oddworld and Final Fantasy VII-IX on the PSP are great pick up and plays plus they look really good on the smaller screen.

HelghastKid3218d ago

Agreed, I remember when FF7 first came on the store. I bought it and played it on a 42 inch screen, I thought I was going to get eye cancer O.o these are definitely meant to be played on the psp lol.

koehler833218d ago


It's not a port of a port. It's just a port. PSone classics are ripped right from PSone discs. It's not ported again to PSP/PS3. The hardware uses a software emulator to run PS1 games as is.

NukaCola3218d ago


I meant that it was an SNES game polished up a tadbit and added content to the PS One disc. Then now placed onto the PS3/PSP. Not calling it a port persay, jsut saying it's a game I am glad is getting passed around. I personally dont know why a PSP version wasn't released like what they did with Phantasy Star and FF1/FF2

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Knightofelemia3218d ago

Can't wait for this game been wanting it for a while since I found out it was on the Wii to download I just hope they don't jack the price of it to 9.99 like they did with FF7, FF8, and FF9 on the PSN once it's on there on the PSP it will go for when I go on the road

Allowen3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

You can't save state at any time on the PS3 while playing the PSone classics but you CAN do it on the PSP.
Just turn off the PSP and when you turn it on again your progress so far will be there.Even UMD based games you can turn off or let the battery 's low power turn it off to you and BUM= automtic save state .

You are right , PSclassics were made to be played on the PSP !


I beat this game when I was 16 back on the snes and I still have the ps1 version that came in final fantasy chronicles. I wish they would put trophies in it just to have a reason to play through this again, it does have multiple endings.

Peaceful_Jelly3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

If this is just the PS1 version then forget it. I know the PS1 version had the anime cut-scenes but the loadings were terrible. And I mean, really TERRIBLE.

I heard the jap version had fast loading while FFIV had terrible loading but the for the western realease of Final Fantasy Chronicles (or whatever it was called) it was the other way around. FFIV had fast loadings while Chrono Trigger had slow loadings.

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