Batman: Arkham City Skins DLC are Timed Exclusives

Shack News: According to a Rocksteady representative, the plan is to make all these skins a timed exclusive. "The skins that are divvied out at the moment across various retailers and territories... the wording for all of those is if you pre-order here or here, you're getting early access," he told us at a recent press event. "We still have more details to come, but the intention is that, for example, if you're red hot on Robin, you pre-order it at Best Buy, you're gonna get early access to it."

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MrSpace3220d ago

All those skins should of been included in the CE...

You are paying more for a CE, may aswell give us the pre order DLC.

Philoctetes3220d ago

So we're doing timed exclusive skins now? Lame.

saladthieves3220d ago

This just shows how publishers and devs just want to milk everything, and frankly this DLC frenzy is going out of control.

Now these days you get to hear about DLC being announced before the game is even months out - meaning the content could easily be included in the disc, but got taken out purposely.

Or you download the DLC content, only to discover that it is a couple of KBs in size...meaning it was already on the lame!

dorron3220d ago

What happened to Rocksteady? They gave DLC for free with the first Batman (Playable Joker, etc).

Greedy sell outs!

Jeff2573220d ago

There were also some dlc you had to buy with the first one that added new challenge maps. DLC for a game by Rocksteady is not new to Arkham City.

Finger-Eater3220d ago

Blame Warner Bros. not Rocksteady, its the publishers that make these decisions, Rocksteady only creates the game.

Jeff2573220d ago

I just hope that they will make all skins available in one pack or maybe include some new story missions or challenge maps for them.

Quagmire3220d ago

Just do what i do and wait for the Goty edition, they bundled all the dlc with the goty edition of Asylum.

Jeff2573220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I don't care how much more they will cost. I will buy them as they come out. Will give me a whole new experience later replaying through the game. Would be pretty cool if there was some way the game would alter the art style to look more like how the suits would in their different iterations. For example, have a more Noir animated look to everything when using the animated series suit. Or a more futuristic look when using the Beyond suit.

Finger-Eater3220d ago

WTF Batman Beyond skin pre order only available in UK? And when it comes to the US I have to pay for it? Wow...

No Way3220d ago

Yeah, that's the biggest piece of bullshit, about this..

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