NBA 2K12 demo on Xbox LIVE and PSN; 8 minute b-roll video inside

GameDynamo - "2K Sports and Visual Concepts have delivered the NBA 2K12 demo to Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network... To mark the occassion, 2K Sports has released a b-roll gameplay video that's over 8 minutes in length showing an entire quarter of play between the L.A. Clippers and Boston Celtics. We've embedded the trailer below."

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TheRichterBelmont3900d ago

Darn, no Bynum Jesus? hehehe...

Crazyglues3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Wow demo was pretty cool, has a nice feel to it, you can tell they touched up everything from 2k11 and made 2k12 really sweet...

This feels like a real basketball game and the animations are sweet... I'll take this and NBA Jam on PSN for 14.99 both are on my must buy list...

I played the demo like 4 times was getting my butt kicked at first but then I started to post up right in-order to score... I like it'..

has a really nice feel this time around.


3900d ago
ufo8mycat3900d ago

screw online. If you want online, go play NBA Live

NBA 2k is for those who want a REALISTIC & AUTHENTIC NBA experience, for that, you need to play OFFLINE.