Playstation Vita Price Too High with Necessary Extras

Remember when everyone said portable gaming was dead and that iPhone and iPad gaming was the way of the future? Yeah, that hasn’t changed with the announcement of needed accessory prices for the PS Vita.

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PSVita4690d ago

"With this week’s announcement of an external battery which allows you to actually play games on the Vita unplugged for more than four minutes which will probably set you back $50-$70. Oh, you want downloadable games? Well, the 50* MB of harddrive space that comes with every Vita probably won’t even cover your saves (*okay, I have no idea what the default hard drive size is, but you can bet it’s SMALL)." four mintues huh? and 50mb........yeah you don't have a clue about what your saying.

superadvanced4690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

has this guy been living under a rock? you don't need ANYTHING but the vita itself if you are going to buy cartridge games. the game updates and game saves are stored on the game cartridge itself. what is this crap? and the vita doesn't have ANY built in USER ACCESSIBLE storage space. the only built in storage space it has is for the firmware. if all you want to do is play vita games, all you need is the vita itself and the games. if you want to play music and movies and all that extra stuff, you're going to have to pay extra for a memory card. its simple really. also the 32 gig memory card is not going to be 124 dollars in the US. yes 9500 yen is about 124 dollars but the wifi only vita costs 24,980 yen. that's 325 dollars. does the wifi vita cost 325 dollars in the US? No. it costs 250 dollars. using simple mathematics: 250/325=x/124 we find that x=95 dollars. therefore the 32 gig card will not exceed 100 dollars. similar proportions can be set up for the other capacity cards and you can even use the price of the 3g model as your proportion (300/390).

firefoxprime4690d ago

Heh. I remember when ppl said they'd shell out close to $300/$400. With that cash I could invest in a heck of alot more into my ps3. Which provides more multiplay fun. Lol this is stupid. I'll gladly take the 3DS V2.0 and hold my ps3. I don't need this sh*t.

jacen1004689d ago (Edited 4689d ago )

yes the article is not with it, he thinks your gonna get an external battery for $70 and a minute 32gig memory card costs $120 ? uk will for sure pay the most and the game saves you need to buy a memory card to save certain games also the vita prices in the uk will be higher than the usa and japan the 3g version of the vita in dollars costs $440=£279 in the uk. and people think japan cost of living is higher and pay the most , try $360=£230 for the wifi version in the uk. usa will always pay the least "lucky buggers"

gogospeedracer4690d ago

Hmmm, pretty expensive for a handheld. Hmmm.

eraursls844690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

Edit: wrong topic

miyamoto4690d ago

you can save games on the PSV game cartridge themselves.

gogospeedracer4690d ago

Wait, the games come on Cartridges?

eraursls844690d ago

Sony said that not all game updates will be able to be saved to the game cartridge, and that a memory card would be needed for some game updates and dlc. I just wonder if the game updates that won't fit onto the game cartridges will be mandatory to be able to play (like the PS3) multi player, or even single player.

PSVita4690d ago

do you have a link to that statement from sony because i doubt that was ever stated. If you buy a game on a cartridge that'll be all you need. 5-10% will be reserved for saves etc.

mr_epsym_knird4690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

I doubt a megabyte of a save game slot wouldn't be that hard for a developer to allot it in a 2gb-4gb game cart.

eraursls844689d ago

I don't have a link on hand but its been all over n4g over the last week or two, almost every article I read about the vita's features said it. They did say game saves would require a memory card, but SOME game UPDATES and SOME DLC. Some games will not need a memory card at all and some will depending on what you download for the game.

MasterCornholio4690d ago

But in the end this article is complete BS because none of those accessory are mandatory. The same could be said about the 3DSs optional circle pad and larger battery.

CloseSecond4690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

I agree the article presents its argument rather heavy handed however, the true cost of psv ownership wont be cheap for anyone wanting the full experience.

I can live with the battery life as I'm most of the time only 60 mins away from a usb port. However, I don't like the need to buy memory cards before you can take advantage of the psv's media capabilities or download from the ps store. To me that's like not being able to take advantage of the xbox marketplace cause you don't have adequate storage to download to.

Sure its great that all the optional extras are just that however, how many here who are advocates of this approach for the psv have in the past used it as fodder in xbox 360 discussions?

smashcrashbash4690d ago

I see your point but from what I heard many people don't mind using the memory cards. It may turn some people off but not as many as some people think.You still have the option to buy what ever size you want and it may not be as expense as you think. So far we have not exactly gotten official prices.I heard that same 'I don't want to buy anything extra' argument for the Move and it sold 9 million units.

Besides its not like you can't use the other features the VITA has without them. Remember besides the inability to download things like songs and movies with out one all the other features including gaming can be used

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