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Eamon3896d ago

Screw the lame quality

Watch a nicer one instead

Whitefox7893895d ago

Thanks man the audio sync was horrible

Mykky3896d ago

Can't wait! Looks like the story moves forth at last!

christheredhead3895d ago

i know. i didn't think this day would come haha. its been a long while.

Whitefox7893895d ago

The story has always been moving forward 358/2 days and Birth By Sleep play a big role in the future games even though their prequels.

Mykky3895d ago

Yes they do, but they only gave backstory to the plot, not going forward timeline wise.

rezzah3895d ago

omg omg omg I cant believe its continuing...I want to play it.

Whitefox7893895d ago

sheesh Neku has a pretty short temper if the first thing he says to Sora is basically, "Shut the hell up!"

fallensniper773895d ago

Eww why are they gonna have the hunchback in the game? he's kinda scary.

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The story is too old to be commented.