Japanese First Day Sales - 11/15/07: Resident Evil, Heavenly Sword

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles sold 70,000 units total on launch day. Here is a breakdown:

• Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles without Zapper - 50,000
• Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles with Zapper - 20,000
• Heavenly Sword - 7,000 (30,000 shipped)
• Famitsa DS - 20,000
• Game Center CX - 35,000 units (50,000 shipped)
• Cooking Mama DS - 2,000 units (30,000 shipped)

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Maestro4960d ago

A PS3 "AAA" game bombed, no surprise! Poor Heavenly Sword, poor Ninja Theory.

gamesblow4960d ago

What, do you live here or something? Yikes...

Anyways, what you fail to realise, Ninja Theory is employed by Sony... So, what that means is this.. Sony is footing the bill. Basically, sales mean nothing at this point. It's almost as if you want to see good games fail so they don't have a chance to become great games later on down the line with follow ups. Strange... Sad, really.

I hope, and I'm sure you already have, fail at everything you do... Everything. I hope you go bankrupt. Lose your wife... Lose your house... Everything. That's how absurd you sound. You're wishing these people to baiscally lose their lively hood cause their games aren't selling well. That's how twisted and offensive you are. You all hate me around here? Well, I hate a good deal of you all. Starting with this guy right up there.

CrazzyMan4960d ago

or maybe never was?
and i just dreamed, that xbots were calling that game AAA ? =)))

supermandead6664960d ago

why do people reply to Maestro? he is just a troll seeking attention, poor guy maybe his parent pay attention to him.

SlappyMcTaint4960d ago

Is VGChartz actually thought of as a legit site? It's been debunked many times, yet stories using the site as their source proliferate on this site...

ItsDubC4960d ago

What's w/ the Ghostbusters story images?

mikeslemonade4960d ago (Edited 4960d ago )

The reason why Heavenly Sword did not sell well in Japan is the same reason why Castlevania is a not a huge seller in Japan either. It's because it's a western game. The acting and the all the villians are too western for the Japanese.

ParaDise_LosT4960d ago

Dub...I was wondering the same thing..

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The story is too old to be commented.