DC Universe Online going free to play

If the proposition of buying DC Universe Online and then paying a monthly fee has been keeping you away from Sony Online Entertainment's MMO, prepare to enter Gotham City next month. In October, DC Universe Online goes free to play.

Both PlayStation 3 and PC players will be able to download and play the game for free. Three tiered levels will act as the game's revenue source from there along with in-game microtransactions. Here's the official breakdown from SOE.

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maniacmayhem4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

Excellent, will definitely pick it up now.

Time to kick Batman's a**!

this probably explains why there hasnt been any MMO's released on the game consoles.

But if they do the free-to-play and just charge micro transactions up the yazooo then it might work.

zeddy4208d ago

dont care i have zero interest in this. plus its a little late dont you think with all the games coming out in the fall, dont need thos clogging everthing up.

pixelsword4208d ago

Yeah, but, c'mon; don't you wanna backhand Aquaman 500 miles inland while he tries to get the bacteria in a cup of water to attack you?

SilentNegotiator4207d ago

No one cares if you have interest in this game or not, and seeing as it will be FREE, yes it will garner some players despite new game releases.

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dionnysus4208d ago

i'm definitely going to try it soon, good call sony.

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