Mother's boyfriend beat her son to death for interrupting video game

A four-year-old boy was beaten to death by his mother's boyfriend because he got in his way when he was playing a video game.

Sean Stalwart, 34, from Illinois, was charged with first-degree murder for the death of Jeremiah Bradford last September.

Stalwart told his cellmate that he beat the boy so severely he died from internal bleeding because he wanted to 'toughen him up', after he got in his way while he was playing computer games.

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SactoGamer2589d ago

I don't remember this ever being a problem back when we were all playing games like 'Goonies 2' and 'Double Dragon'.

meetajhu2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

The most surprising news for is mother having boyfriend come home and play video games. My Judgement: Hang them till death

LOGICWINS2589d ago

So you want to teach people that they shouldn't kill their killing them?

Limited_Vertigo2589d ago

Teach, um no. Parents know they shouldn't kill their children. Hang them for being the horrible people they are.

Guitardr852589d ago


You're name is deceiving. The point is, we all want to believe that people serving time in prison will rehabilitate them but that just ISN'T true. Look at repeat offender rates for pedophiles and rapists among other horrible violent crimes and you will see that a majority of these people, even after being in a "correctional facility" continue on to more crime.

The fact is that some people just cannot function in society and do more harm than good. These people do deserve capitol punishment. Let's put it this way...if you had kids (which you probqably don't because you probably still are one) would you EVER feel comfortable leaving your child with this person after they get out of prison because you knew he killed a innocent child for getting in front of his TV? No you wouldn't. And don't say anything about leaving them in prison for life as the average tax burden on a lifelong inmate can approach millions of dollars.

Sorry for my rant but I just don't see how people can say that people can perform this kind of violent atrocity and still be allowed to live...

TheOneYouHate2589d ago

Kratos should pay these two a visit and bust their faces in!! That will teach them internal bleeding.

But seriously what a pair of A-Holes. I can imagine the child's fright as he was beaten by this monster.

LOGICWINS2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

@Guitardr85- How did you get all that from my comment??? I just asked a question.

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chriski3332589d ago

Wow what a piece of Shit both if them should hang

fluffydelusions2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

What?? Yeah, Let's beat a little kid to death to "toughen him up" I wish people who had this mindset we could just ship off to some far away land where they could just live in isolation with other degenerates. I'm sure the media will have fun with this and blame games when this guy had issues to begin with.

Kurylo3d2588d ago

that land is called the united states if u hadnt noticed by now.

FunkMcnasty2588d ago

is it me or does the boyfriend look like he has down's syndrome? Maybe it's just the picture..

MariaHelFutura2589d ago

Now that's hardcore gaming.

SactoGamer2589d ago

Now, that's inappropriate.

LilDeja932588d ago

Theres always one idiot. On topic: ** R.I.P **

bayport2588d ago

Must have sounded pretty weird to all the other guys on the other side of the microphone

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barkingspace2589d ago

I think this is news worth spreading because it's a problem that can't really be ignored.

It has been happening for a long time in various situations and should be treated like an addiction.

rabidpancakeburglar2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Yes there are too many idiots doing this nowadays and maybe they'll learn that there are dire consequences. It's a tragedy. These people need to be spotted before they can do this sort of thing.

I also hate people like the mother who choose their husband/boyfriend over their kids as my sister recently left her kids to go live with some guy 17 years older than her.

limewax2589d ago

Although this does need to be brought to light, I think we as gamers have a duty to show that people like him do not represent us in any way shape or form.

He was never a gamer, just a thug who bought a console, the two are unrelated same as you couldn't blame the movies he watched or music he listened to, Although it was because he got in the way of his game, it's clear this sort of person was going to do this to the kid for something else anyway sooner or later.

LOGICWINS2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

"He was never a gamer, just a thug who bought a console, the two are unrelated same as you couldn't blame the movies he watched or music he listened to"

??? Of course he was a gamer...he played games didn't he? He just happened to be a bad person as well. A person is fully capable of being a thug as well as a gamer. I've had first hand experience.

Just because he did something disgusting IMO doesn't mean that he wasn't a gamer. That makes no sense.

I think what your trying to say is that his actions had nothing to do with his gaming habits..which I can agree with.

limewax2589d ago

You are very correct, I was thinking while writing it that it wasn't exactly worded properly but couldn't find the right words.

To be honest what was coming to mind while writing was actually how I grew up as a gamer and how I feel it impacted my life, I guess I don't see the culprit being raised as a gamer perhaps just due to how literally every person who started gaming young, and that I know personally are not violent people.

But I often wonder how it would be if my Mario and Sonic were Marcus and Dom when I was younger

Parasyte2589d ago

Although you have to take the psychological make-up of the child into consideration as well.

I really don't think that it matters whether the child's first exposure to video games are Marcus and Dom. It's a matter of if the individual can handle the violence properly and differentiate video games from reality.

And, for me that's where parents come into the mix. They should be with there children to discuss what is happening on screen. But, I also believe that parents of children that play games should familiarize themselves with the ESRB ratings system and enforce the age restrictions.

Parasyte2589d ago

You also have to take the psychological make-up of the individual into consideration and whether they can differentiate video games from reality or not.

Personally, I think this is where parents should come into play. They should be there to monitor what their child is playing. I also believe that most parents that have children who play games should familiarize themselves with the ESRB ratings system and enforce the age restriction set forth by it.

Guitardr852588d ago

I agree completely! The media ALWAYS needs a scapegoat whether its music, movies, video games. I hate to break it to journalists, but Kane didn't wait until video games were invented to bash Abel's head in if you get my drift...

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LightofDarkness2589d ago

Why? So he only has to suffer for a few months and then he gets a quick and easy release? No, he should be left to rot in a dark and dingy cell for the rest of his life. That's a punishment.

RedDead2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Tell that to all the people in jail. You'd be surprised how much you value your life...but eh yeah, no death penalty

Kurylo3d2588d ago

are u serious, how dark and dingy do u think prison cells are? Prison is too good for a person like this. They lose their freedom, but they still get free room and food.

Belasco2588d ago

As much as a low life as this guy is, I agree with you, moreover I am against the death penalty for those very reasons. They should be alive and suffering.

Akiba962588d ago

@Kurylo3d dude, prison is terrible. It is beyond terrible. people get raped their, peole die their, its is a horrific place. And when you have a life sentence in prison, it has got to be the most depressing thing imaginable.
I think I rwad something like nearly 50% of inmates serving a life sentence will commit suicide in the first month. So ya if people would rather kill themselves than live in prison, then I think that life in prison would be a more suitable punishment.

dawgsfan1172588d ago

Yes in an ideal world it would be great to let this man rot in prison. However, do you have any idea how much money is spent keeping scum like this alivein prisons? Use the death penalty and be done with it. Its all about removing these types from society in order to protect his potential victims.

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Fishy Fingers2589d ago

This calls for

Ramas2589d ago

i bet he played wow or call of duty, those 2 games has most idiots.

Ducky2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

I don't know what's more disturbing, the article itself or the fact that there's people that can't stop hating on specific video game franchises.

Probably the article, but still... we get it, you don't like some game series. They aren't to blame for all of the world's problems though.

caseh2589d ago

Soon as I saw the news headline I though COD: Black ops.

There's no mention of the game but for some reason thats the first game that sprung to mind. :/