Next Week Psn Update on Tuesday

Taken from the playstation blog comments on the store update.

Comment 61:
"Hi everyone. Just to let you know, we'll be updating the PS Store next Tuesday, instead of Thanksgiving Thursday."

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Frulond3990d ago

ugh... idk ><
give us a pleasant surprise !!!!!!!!!!!

fenderputty3990d ago

wouldn't a killzone demo be a nice thankgiving surprise. lol

Milkman5413990d ago

Haze would be nice but my ass will be playing Uncharted so I won't even mind if it's put off for another week...

NeonSkull3990d ago

home beta plz, and a firware to fix the bugs in the last firware.

Xemnas3990d ago

whats wrong with the other FW?

Sevir043990d ago

so i dont even play online right now because of that... they need to freakin issue a FIRM ware fix because it's messing with my time online

thereapersson3989d ago

I have had no such issues whatsoever

NeonSkull3989d ago

there is no major problems with the firmware but i use my ps3 a lot at least 2hours a day min, so if something is not normal i can tell straight away. since updating my ps3 to fw2 its not been 100% its been more like 99.5% ok.

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gamesblow3990d ago

Finally getting Bowling... it's only been a year. I'm looking forward to it, though. So, it's alright. 10 bucks is way too steap, though. Toy home, which was garbage isn't going to sell, either. Pixle Junk anyone? These games are too expensive on the PSN. Sony must be really proud of them.

Skerj3990d ago

I must agree with you, Toy Home is the worst game on the PSN. I can't help but thinking that was the same Toy Commander Racing game that was on Dreamcast so long ago. Maybe I should investigate. ..

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The story is too old to be commented.