Tons of New Motorstorm Screens

Here are some more Motorstorm screens taken from japanese site Gamewatch. With all the bad press lately about the PS3 these new screens should help bring the focus back to what it's all about, the GAMES.

Some of them were posted earlier, but now you can see them again in high-res. I am looking more and more forward to playing this game each time I see it.  It might not look as slick as the target trailer from E3 2005, though they are getting a lot closer now, but most importantly the game seems to really have captured the feel and style of that "infamous" trailer from 2005.

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CAPS LOCK5866d ago

this game looks soo cool man, normally i dont get rally games, but i will definetly try and pick up this game. it is getting better and better, i bet they are finished making this game and they are rubbing the screenshoots in our faces.

Shadow Flare5866d ago (Edited 5866d ago )

this game is really pushing it to look like the original trailer. I don't think its that far off either. Looks FANTASTIC

achira5866d ago

amazing, but i have to wait til marcccccch !!! fyck !!! i want to play it noooooow !!! but this game looks the best i ever saw !!!!

shoota335866d ago

Hey you cant import a ps3 from the US? or just come to the Us and get one.

clayton5866d ago

Is what the game will look like, the rest aren't gameplay just replay footage. You have got to be crazy if you think that is what actual gameplay will look like.

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The story is too old to be commented.