Sato: 'If' Sega localizes Yakuza: Of the End, it will have new controls

Joystiq: Daisuke Sato, director of Binary Domain and Yakuza 3, wouldn't say whether or not Sega had any plans to release the team's previous shooter, the very weird Yakuza: Of the End, in America and Europe.

But he offered a hypothetical that suggested that, at least, the thought has come up.

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dangert122586d ago

Localize It please and give us custom controls mapping

newleaf2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Just release it already

Alos882586d ago

Why wouldn't they localize this? It seems to cater more to a western audience than the previous Yakuza games did, so after going to all that effort to not bother makes no sense.

Baka-akaB2586d ago

except it's a fun spin offgame that only cater to yakuza fans ... wih arent numerous yet in the west .

It's hardly a good shooter , and a rather stiff and outdated zombie game with its particular brand of humor .

With what's already out there , it aain only resonate within fans of the original serie ... so i can see with they'd hesitate

Cloudberry2586d ago

Hopefully we would get the announcements later and released it March 2012, at least...

Burning_Finger2586d ago

hmmmm probably a Vita hints.

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