Variety misses the point with Super Mario Galaxy review

Nintendic's Steven Smith gives counterpoints to Variety's review of Super Mario Galaxy. Smith explains how Variety has missed the points on the innovation, story, control and particularly visuals of the game.

Smith concludes his arguments by writing that Wii is "where gameplay is king, not muscled visuals." He notes that none of the pretty PS3 exclusives - Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (89%), Folklore (74%), Lair (54%), Warhawk (84%) and Heavenly Sword (79%) – has broken the 90% threshold at Metacritic - the level for which any game to be considered as an "AAA" title.

Smith compares those sub-90% titles to Wii exclusives Super Mario Galaxy (97%), Twilight Princess (95%), Resident Evil IV: Wii Edition (91%), and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (90%) - which have all surpassed the "AAA" marker on Metacritic.

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sa_nick4929d ago

yes, the dude turns into a dorky looking bee... very innovative

Douchebaggery4929d ago

And I thought Nintendo had no fanboys

Maestro4929d ago

Yes, all the PS3 games are garbage below 90. Face it PStards, you whish you could have a 97 average game like Galaxy.

Douchebaggery4929d ago

Please tell me more, just how bad are those games? (cuz I'm sure you played them all)

Bebop4929d ago

Just checked out the Gamestrailers video review - my first look at game. I’m sure the gameplay is superb but i feel Variety may be right in saying ‘graphics simply aren’t up to par’

Just watch out for Little Big Planet for the PS3 out next year.

It does make Mario look extremely outdated as it has the superb sound & graphics icing as well as gameplay.

gamesblow4929d ago

Mario controls like he always has, though. That's not innovation. He controls with a dman analog sitck, jsut like he did 10 years + ago. Sorry... The story??? There isn't one. The graphics, are on par with Sunshine's, not to say those are bad... but they're not breath taking. I don't understand... I suppose. R&CFTOD is an amazing game, great gameplay... incredible graphics. It is a AAA game and I don't care what anyone says. If Mario galaxy is considered AAA then R&CFTOD is 10 folds right up there with it.

Maestro4929d ago

Yes gamesblow, Ratchet & Clank is a 6/10 game. Live with that, LOL.

(7.5/10 from Gamespot) ---> ROFL AAA

gamesblow4929d ago

Being selective again? It's a 9.25 according to Gameinformer, Ign and a host of others. MArio is a 3, according to Variety. LOL!!

Kholinar4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

ummm... there's no score on the Variety article.

Every once in a while you're gonna get a hate review. Reviewers do that to gain perceived credibility and try to act like they aren't sheep.

Having said all that, this is not a hate review. Hate reviews don't include such things as: "“Super Mario Galaxy” is proof positive that Nintendo still has some of the best videogame development talent in the industry... The latest platforming adventure starring the portly plumber features the most astoundingly original levels of the year, enhanced by gravity tricks never before seen in videogames..."

Sounds like they're saying it's more than solid as a title and fairly innovative as well. 3 out of 10 games don't get such comments. This review, if given a number would be at least in the 6 range, if not a 7.

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The story is too old to be commented.