Gameplayer Reviews Crysis - 10/10

From Gameplayer... "It reeks of Far Cry evolved. It is Far Cry evolved, a bullet Ubisoft has to bite – and hopefully one-up, when the real Far Cry 2 comes out. Regardless, Crysis has us back on a tropical island as a badarse spec forces dude battling evil, and it's fan-bloody-tastic."

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xg-ei8ht4922d ago

Destroys any game graphically. On either pc,360,ps3.

Its that simple people.


if you believe that, kill yourself, killzone already killzones it, along with the other cg realtime games on the ps3, so plese live on, and dont do meth kid, i know you have glaucoma, but i forgive you with your pc glasses, its ok, lay down

Rooted_Dust4922d ago

It's not hard to make a game look good when your only rendering a war-torn street or an interior hallway. Most games use smoke and mirrors to make areas appear to be vast, when really your only playing in a box. Crysis goes ahead of other Shooters and fully renders entire islands, full of foliage and does it beautifully. If you can see it in Crysis you can get to it and explore it. Along with that it has some of the best physics, environment interaction, and post processing effects ever seen in a game. The game is so demanding that the hardware to run it at maximum setting isn't even available at retail yet. So keep on shilling Sozuke. I will get Killzone 2 when it comes out, but what it achieves graphically is due to the ingenuity of it's developers more than the hardware it runs on.

felidae4921d ago

i've played Crysis the whole night on a high end pc and i'm happy to say that COD4 is much more fun and the graphics are not that much better in Crysis.

now i know that i don't need a new pc because yes .. it's just another FarCry with better graphics.

no, thx.

Rooted_Dust4921d ago

COD4 only wows you once, but every replay is the same and will always be the same. Crysis is a nice break from linear, follow the path, games.

sagapo4921d ago

Allthough Crysis looks fenomenal and sets a new standard for shooters from a graphical point of view, it's just some FarCry-type gameplay.
I'm NOT saying that it is a bad game, but for me, it's all about gameplay
and Crysis doesn't bring much news on that front. The 4 "styles" that the special suit gives you, lets you approach the game with some diversion, but nothing overwhelming.

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