Disaster Ubisoft with a Vengeance: Give Assassin's Creed Amazing Reviews or Die Hard

From an email Surfer Girl received

Here's how Ubisoft deals with criticism:

A certain British gaming website had praised Assassin's Creed since it was announced. They'd run previews, interviews, did a lot to hype the game. When they played the final built, they finally realized it wasn't that great, so it got a 7/10. But instead of acknowledging AC's mistakes, Ubisoft got furious, pulled all ads from the site and cancelled all placed orders (mid five figures) indefinitely. A planned live interview with Jade Raymond isn't going to happen either. According to Ubisoft everything would have been fine though, if the site had just put an 8 instead of a 7 under the same text.

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Neurotoxin4927d ago

Lol, Played the game finally on the ps3, it is worthy of a 7 - 8. Frame rate so far has been ok, But the screen tearing is F-ING Discussing. It really is a let down as the beautiful enviroments and graphics are distracted from because of it.

I just cannot believe they actually approved that to be ok at Ubisoft, seems to me it could have used another couple of months extra Development and optimisation..... But obviously money fuel companys, rather than customer satisfaction.

I`m only referring to the PS3, i presume the xbox360 to have none of these problems.

jackfatal4927d ago

ok not much worst but still!!

Neurotoxin4927d ago

From what i`ve seen the 360 has no screen tearing.

Which Pi**es me off even more.

4927d ago
predator4927d ago

ubi aint happy are they, lol

Mainman4927d ago

It is there own damn fault, they should've just delayed the title to work out the glitches.

But Ubisoft isn't that kind of company. Like EA, quantity before quality.

predator4927d ago

dude u dont have to tell me that, what goes around comes around, glitchy product out crappy reviews in,

still gettin it as i think it will be great

Saint Sony4927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

I am starting to hate this tub girl.

If it is true UBI... damn lame thing to do.

predator4927d ago

just a bit, seems extreme lenghts tho

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The story is too old to be commented.