As Sony falters, its competitors gear up for the win

Just two days after Sony disappointed its European Playstation fans by delaying the launch of the PS3 in Europe until March 2007, Microsoft and Nintendo gave them more reasons to buy another system instead - as if they needed one.

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Silverwolf5863d ago

since it's coming from a PS3 fansite.

RelloC5863d ago

the rats leaving the ship?

blindrocket5863d ago

Yet more anti-PS3 opinion stuff being posted as news.
Why is this posted under the PS3 section of unless it was intended to stir up crap?

calderra5863d ago

Mostly, because it was "reported" by a PS3 site. Also, because you can no longer deny Sony's problems.

Just recently:
-BluRay laser manufacturing issues.
-No HDMI cables.
-No 1080p anywhere near launch.
-Exclusivity loss (Assassin's Creed, etc)
-Euro pushback
-Possible severe lack of dev units

The list just goes on and on. PS3 sites are reporting the bad news because, well, that's the news. If PS3 was having lots of great announcements, you'd see news items on how Wii60 was saving face. On the flipside, you see how Wii60 triumphs while Sony faces problems. It's fair and balanced coverage, oddly enough.

blackmagic5862d ago

I think the free week of live has more to do with getting owners of 360s to subscribe to live than it has to do with stealing marketshare.
You already get a free month of gold when you buy a 360... this posting is just poking the bee's nest... Hey moderators, are you guys trying to test out your new comments system? :)

ChickeyCantor5862d ago (Edited 5862d ago )

not evryone who has a 360 has the live membership....and already used the trial online if they can play one more time free online they maybe get the little push to get a year membership.

The Snake5862d ago

I would imagine the main reason for this is the same as the reason people got free gold subscriptions during E3. TGS and X06 are both scheduled during that period and there will be trailers and demos available for free download. Gotta love Xbox Live.

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