The History of BioWare

Have you ever wondered what your doctor thinks about while they're poking and prodding you? If you lived in Edmonton, Canada, in the mid '90s there's a chance your doctor was thinking, "Gee, I wish I was making computer games instead of rummaging inside this diseased colon". At least, that's how it might have played out if you were the patient of Dr Greg Zeschuk, Dr Ray Muzyka or Dr Augustine Yip. And if you had a diseased colon.

For it was in 1995 that this clinical trio turned their back on the rollercoaster world of medicine for the rock solid job prospects of boring old videogames. Most specifically, role-playing games - a pastime that, in its pen and paper form, had kept them amused through medical school. Originally working out of Greg's basement, and calling themselves BioWare (a medically appropriate name, from the Greek "Bio" meaning from the chemist, and "Ware" meaning stuff), they set about forging what would become one of the most influential developers in the RPG genre.

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MK_Red4928d ago

Aside from Neverwinter Nights, all BioWare games were AAA games from MDK2 to KOTOR to Mass Effect. Baldur's Gate 2: SoA is still my fave BioWare game and one of my all time classics. It's also produced by Black Isle of Fallout...