Microsoft considering Wii-style controller?

Euro Xbox boss Chris Lewis has revealed that Microsoft has looked 'very closely' at Wii-style controller-based gaming – and that a karaoke title could be introduced 'at the right time'.

[ by Neil Long for MVC on November 16, 2007 ]

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rofldings4927d ago

oh, microsoft ... when will you ever make something new by yourselves and not steal everything?

stony4194927d ago (Edited 4927d ago )

look, ms steals anything they can but that's marketing people, that's why "One console future" would be the best thing for the consumer, not the companies themselves. it is nice to see that they are trying to run another monopoly though, this may lead to a one console dominance if they do introduce this sort of gameplay into a next gen console. This just clarifies the way Gates runs his projects, by monopolizing the entire market there is no room for competition, i.e. windows.

on the ps3, i was impressed to see the divx support, but then here comes MS with there copy cat move. I just hope ps3 gets more support from software so they can compete a little more in the market.

i don't really consider the wii a next gen console, rather a revolutionary console, a new breed of gaming. other than that i have no opinion on the wii, haven't really played it.

THE_JUDGE4927d ago

MS already had their one gaming platform, its the PC. I don't want one of those, now or ever. MS only reason for making the Xbox was because people were starting to spend more money on the consoles than the
PC. They are slowly starting to make their consoles like the PC and eventually will just stop making consoles because they will have all their games on PC and just give it a console type name.

Silver Bull3t4927d ago

Considering they never mention exactly what they mean by "Wii-style controller-based gaming". Are they talking about motion sensing? nun-chuck? What???

If they ARE talking about motion sensing then kudos. Just as long as it's RF and not IR. I run a projector and all my stuff is in the BACK of the room... not in front by the screen.

@1&2 above me. Go float... you're both off topic and just here to bash M$. Move along...

stony4194927d ago

im not bashing ms, i only own a 360 lol. I'm just stating how ms runs their market and why they copy cat a lot of things.

but i will be purchasing a ps3 simply for the "open system" aspect, bringing pc and console closer together, maybe MS should look into this, highly doubtful, they copyright and protect everything, i.e. zune.

Silver Bull3t4927d ago


I agree w/M$ being a bit overly cautious about flexibility via copyright protection/DRM schemes. I was griping about this the other day when I (finally) found out that I lost access to all DLC (purchased and otherwise) if I lost my broadband connection. That's just horsesh1t, and completely due to DRM. I WILL NOT purchase content via LIVE, but I'll still rent videos... until that issue is FIXED.

AliC4927d ago

something about "Bandwagon" and "Jumping on the".

stony4194927d ago

more along the lines of innovation and picking it up. ms sees that this is what made the wii and makes the wii sell so good, it's a great marketing tool and would be introduced with open arms to the public if released.

Lionsguard4927d ago

Yea but if Sony pulled something like this then they're just dirty rotten scumbags who couldn't think up of anything themselves am I right?

Darkiewonder4927d ago

For a karaoke game? o.o

A mic and a lifetime supply of beer is enough.

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