Exclusive Warhammer 40.000 PSP

On the 23th of november game publisher THQ will launch Warhammer 40k Squad Command for the sony PSP. To celebrate this launch a very limited psp will be availible, and with limited it really means limited, only TWELVE (12) copies will be offered world wide. This psp is fully handmaded and can only be obtained trough different promotions.

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Darkiewonder4923d ago

12? :o

Reminds me of the GOW PSP But blue and different emblem!

I would love to win one of these! ;o

Rooted_Dust4923d ago

What WarHammer 40,000 game is coming out on PSP? Dawn of War?

secur1ty9114923d ago

Hey PSP fans listen clearly you have to buy this game cuz its truly an entertaining fun action packed game with state of the art graphics and its a high production value game.