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Ratchet & Clank Future Tanking In Japan?

The Bitbag writes, "Ratchet & Clank Future was released in Japan last week to a dismal reception. Hailed as the number one Playstation 3 title to date, Sony only moved 11,814 copies in it's first week."

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when I preview the image it looks perfect but after it's posted it gets a black frame. Strange.
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Bad Editing
As Rowland suggests.
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Please can you crop the pic better ?
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Multigamer4968d ago

not suprised, its not the japs game, if japs dont make the game they dont buy it

ddldave4968d ago (Edited 4968d ago )

sad, a single game selling more than the 360 in japan.

Vojkan4968d ago

I dont think "Japs" like to be called "Japs". They consider it offensive

DrRage774967d ago

oh, you mean kind of like Halo3 selling more than there are ps3 consoles sold? or any other xbox360 game that sells more per week than ps3 console sells in one week? great spin on the numbers....dumb comment award for you

BrianC62344967d ago

Someone sure scraped the bottom of the Web barrel to come up with this piece of crap.

sonarus4967d ago

ratchet and clank actually sells pretty well in Japan. The reason 4 such low sales is cus of the dynasty warriors release am guessing. Lets wait till nxt week to see how sales do

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FirstknighT4968d ago

This game tanked period. Why are the big ps3 games tanking so bad? Heavenly Sword, Folklore, R&C, Eye of Judgement, and the rest of the bunch are selling horrible. What are you guys doing?

leon764968d ago (Edited 4967d ago )

Question: how do you have 5 bubbles?
Edit: how does Zhunk own 5 bubbles? hey man, do you exist?

Vojkan4967d ago

Well even Mario Galaxy "tanked" in Japan. First week arounf 250k, second week 80k, third most likely around 40k-50k. It didn't move any units (PS3 out sold Wii for first time in Japan).

Ratchet & Clank is popular in Japan, its just that install base is to small and those "fans" don't own PS3 yet since they are most likely kids that can't afford it yet. But i am sure that it will have long legs and it will sell over 100k quickly. FPS Resistance sold 140k in Japan, so ratchet can do it.

Mario FLOP

TheMART4967d ago

No Vojkan don't talk sh!t.

There are what, 1 mln. or 1.5 mln. PS3 units out there in Japan and then only sell about 11k in one week from R&C? That's just sad.

PS360WII4967d ago

Vojkan that was the worst spin I read in awhile. So 11k in one week is the same as 250k in one week? Did you just write that?! Ah whatever I have Mario which is an awesome game and I keep hearing that R&C is just as awesome so you can take that for what it's worth.

bloodzombie774967d ago

Dude, seriously, any comment you make towards PS3 shouldn't really count, considering you're an xbot fanboy to the same degree as theMART and Bladestar. R&C is doing well in the states, and as for Japan, well, they kinda like their own flavor of games more than ours. And given that Dynasty Warriors is HUGE in japan, A lot of gamers passed over R&C to buy it, understandably so.

BrianC62344967d ago

Maybe the real problem is gaming in Japan is tanking. They seem to want to do more cell phone gaming now.

ruibing4967d ago

And what are you doing? Why are 360 fans so bored that they shift through PS3 tagged news just to bash on them? There's something called constructive criticism and there's just being annoying.

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Zhuk4967d ago

The game has tanked worldwide, it has failed to make a significant impact just like every other PS3 exclusive this year.

I really feel sorry for PS3 devs, because Sony has basically made it nearly impossible for them to make a profit on the console thanks to its poor design which drives up costs and also Sony's prohibitive royalty payments

Vojkan4967d ago (Edited 4967d ago )

THose 186k is for NA market. So article is a little biased. If i am not wrong R&C has not yet been released in EU, and even if it was those 186k don't include EU numbers LOL, that is ONLY for NA. So again article is "little" biased.

EDIT: Here you can see that it was released on 10th of November in EU so there is NO WAY that those numbers are worldwide as "article" states it.

thereapersson4967d ago

You're now officially worse than TheMart, POG and FirstKnight put together. Congratulations!

Tryst4967d ago

Agreed, Zhuk is a complete d!ckhead.

I feel sorry for his parents

Kain814967d ago (Edited 4967d ago )

oh man get a Life, you are more then a Xbot man
R&C:TofD is a awesome Game, and will sell more in time.

andy0014967d ago

I own 3 of the games you mention, and I think they are all great. Its too early to say whether a game will be successful of not if you are only judging their first couple of weeks sales.

It is not just PS3 titles you should look at, what about PGR4 on the 360? Such an important franchise and hardly any excitement for the game. I played the demo and it is better than I thought it would be, even better than Forza 2 in many cases.

You can never explain why some gemaes can be come unexpected hits and others do not meet expectations. EA recently stated that the Fifa 08 sales where higher in terms of percentage of install base for the PS3 than the 360. The figures you use are also skewed in that you use US only software sales and measure that against global install base, which is illogical and misleading. In terms of R&C, it obviously is not as popular as Dynasty Warriors in Japan. The sales figures for those titles would be reversed in the US.