UT III: Mark Rein - CVG Interview - 'we're going to make a couple of games'

CVG writes:

"Mark Rein is always welcome here on CVG. He's never short of opinion, always insightful and absolutely guaranteed to be entertaining. In our latest chat in sunny Birmingham the Epic boss discusses the launch of Unreal Tournament III, what it means for UE3 (and PS3) and how the PC games industry might be looking up."

Rein: "There's so much left to go in this generation. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are really just at their infancy right now and we're going to make a couple of games for these consoles; it's not going to be Gears of War, oh, we're moving on to the next one. We're certainly going to do some more, really cool stuff on these systems."

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iNcRiMiNaTi4926d ago

we already know about UT3 and GoW...i wanna see something special, there are companies using UE3 in better ways than epic is and i wanna see epic just make a game that says "this is how you use UE3"

mighty_douche4926d ago

thats like asking Michael Bay to direct a serious drama.

anh_duong4926d ago

mark rein says he is going to make a couple more games??

it's like farmer saying he is going to grow some more crops..

man, isn't mark's job to produce more games?? am i missing something?? what do you expect him to say?? he is hardly going to say he is going to run the 100 meters at the olympics... jeez this is hardly news..

marcellizot4926d ago

I think this is really going to be a great boost for the PS3 especially with the mods (here's hoping some people with the know how won't just focus on the PC community for that).

Microsoft, if you are listening, please make it happen on the 360 too.

Jay da 2KBalla4926d ago

"So yeah, the engine's improved a lot since we shipped Gears of War and when we bring out the Xbox 360 version [of UT III] you'll see that."

Cant wait to see the 360 version.