Microsoft Is Working To Add Divx To Xbox 360

It has just been confirmed, that Microsoft is currently working with Divx, Inc. to bring the popular Divx MPEG-4 video format to the Xbox 360. However, Microsoft also said that this Divx project for Xbox 360 is currently not in their high priority list. Right now, an unmodded Xbox 360 can only support video formats such as : WMV, HD WMV, H.264 and non Divx MPEG-4.

Kevin Hell, Divx, Inc.'s CEO said that Microsoft has more restrictions and requirements surrounding any software that runs on it's Xbox 360 than Sony with it's Playstation 3, so the Xbox 360 Divx project is on a lot slower pace compared to it's Playstation 3 brother.

Hell also said that with the latest 2.00 firmware update, the Divx video format support has already been partially implemented on Playstation 3, and the full Divx support will come with the next Playstation 3 firmware update. However on Xbox 360, the release date for the Divx support is still unknown.

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Hapimeses4928d ago

Is it just me, or does Kevin Hell have a videogame/comic book name? I mean, really, who's named 'Hell'?

That aside, this confirms pretty much what we had already guessed.

solidt124928d ago

Yeah who in the Hell is Hell?

waltercross4927d ago

Yeah who is Hell?...LOL, there is a town in the USA that is called: Hell.

Mr_Kuwabara4927d ago

Hmm he must live in Hell's Kitchen, Brooklyn. lol

peksi4927d ago

That really made me laugh! Bubbles to all of you Hell spawns.

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SlippyMadFrog4928d ago

I realy need DivX playback on my xbox360. I wonder why this didn't happen a while ago?

YungStubS4928d ago

I really hope this Divx move comes through. I would love to be able to stream AVI files properly.

Mu5afir4928d ago

I thought the USB drives are "read" only, so other then burning videos to dvds etc.. how exactly are people going to be able to play the content?

ravinash4928d ago

I remember just a few days ago there was an announcement that Sony had setup the same deal for the PS3 and everyone was saying its because they want to pirate HD-DVDs or something.
I can only imagine what they be saying about this.

Hapimeses4928d ago

'Why was this article mapped as a PS3 topic?'
Well, the article includes information about when DivX comes to PS3, so it makes sense to me to include the article as a PS3 topic as well.

ravinash4928d ago

I've probably spent too much time on this site this morning and all the flaming here has got me paranoid.

ruibing4928d ago

What I remember are negative comments from people bashing the feature or simply saying its following in the footsteps of the 360.

titntin4928d ago

"Kevin Hell, Divx, Inc.’s CEO said that Microsoft has more restrictions and requirements surrounding any software that runs on it’s Xbox 360 than Sony with it’s Playstation 3, so the Xbox 360 Divx project is on a lot slower pace compared to it’s Playstation 3 brother"

..Or in other words. We've only just learned that its coming for PS3, so we've only just started to copy the move!

I like the 360, and love playing its games, but I would be far happier to see it innovate, rather than constantly immitate. Copying the other guys moves is dull - forget buzz contollers, eye camera or Wii controls, come up with a good idea of your own for goodsakes! :)IMHO! :)

predator4928d ago

acheivemnts and live, i think there pretty big ideas of their own, dont u?

Bnet3434928d ago

they knew people wanted this from the beginning. The last dashboard update, people wanted DivX support, but then they just added some other crap codec thing.

Malkier4927d ago

Microsoft said thay were going to be adding DivX a long time ago, this is not new news, they are not copying. Both Sony and Microsoft are doing the same move and both would have had this in the planning stage for a long time.

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Vojkan4928d ago


solidt124928d ago

Yeah but in the end, everyone copies from one another. I don't care if you copy just improve on what you are copying and I am fine with that. Don't just steal ideas come up with something that makes the idea better.

power of Green 4928d ago

Your PS3 was designed in the 360's image everything it does and will do is because it has been popular and or successful on the 360.

PS3 has

Online multi player
Video store
Mutli tasking, the same as the 360

#4 Should thank MSFT for designing the PS3 for Sony and should stop trying to mask the obvious.

#4 post is moronic... MSFT is leading the way and everybodies playing catch up.

Skerj4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

PS3 has

Themes - Were on PSP first
HDD - Was on the PS2 as well but wasn't standard but WAS standard in the PSX
Online multi player - PS2 as well
Music - From the PS1
IPTV - Is that out yet on the 360? Besides this was said to be coming before the 360 even came out due to the Location Free abilities already on the PSP.
Video store - I'll give you that one even though they were going to extend the Connect service anyway.
SKU - Uh yeah. ..
Guide/interface - XMB is from the PSX
Mutli tasking, the same as the 360 - Refer to the XMB and PSX
PSN - I'll give you that one
Acheivemnts - Ratchet and Clank did it first with Skill Points, and maybe other games but yeah you can have that.

In any case all of the things you're touting Sony got from MS, the Dreamcast did first and other systems before that. So MS wasn't that original hell look at the Xbox controller. Solidt was right, everyone copies from one another and no matter what spin you try you can't deny that. That said I'm glad MS is getting off their ass to add Divx support, although the 360 missed its chance to be my media center it's still good for everyone else.

Lionsguard4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

You must have like photoshopped (or even real!) naked posters of Bill Gates all over your room don't you PoG? Geeze go jerk to your master even more. The 360 should thank the PS2, The PS2 should thank um..the PS1 but the PS1 should thank the before after them and on and on until finally we should thank all the cavemen scratching pictures on the wall. You act as if MS has been creating systems since the Big Bang. Calm down no one gives a flying F what MS does go get laid or something geeze all I hear from you is how great and all mighty the Microsoft schlong is when they do nothing but rape you with shoddy products that require constant repair and charge you fees for every feature or service they provide you.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

All those thing were being done on a Windows PC first, MS just copied what they already do over to the 360 (seem to forgot that part didn't ya?). Sony fans love to claim things first but it all comes from a little thing called Pong and Atari and then mastered by Nintendo. Sony and MS are late to the party, Sony a little later because before Sony even shat their first game, MS was doing PC games <---- Slap. Every format in the world starts on a PC even all those games PS3 fans enjoy so much. So yeah, everything Sony does is just a copy/clone of MS Windows. Now what MS copies from other OS is another story.

rofldings4928d ago

Jason 360:

Actually MS just stole all that sh!t from Apple. They have never made/thoughtup anything by themselves.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4928d ago

You just seemed to have skiped the last part of what i said didn't you? Did you only read the first few lines before tqking your glasses off?

macalatus4927d ago


Let me see, you went from the beginnings of video games, to PC, PC gaming...and ultimately you said "every format in the world starts on a PC even all those games PS3 fans enjoy so much". I will be honest with you but you got me all lost in that, um, history lecture of yours. I'm still confused with your "every format...starts on the pc". So, betamax, cartridge based games, ENIAC, cassette tapes...all started on the PC?!? Bullsh!t!!

But the funniest one would be how you said that MS copying Apple is a different story all together when your, um, bullsh!t history lesson is nothing more but a bunch of "different stories altogether" pieced together by your weird a$$ logic and weird a$$ reasoning.

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