Why Super Mario Galaxy is a wake-up call for developers

In its thumb-arousing pitch-perfect blend of old school game values and brand new, modern gameplay mechanics, Super Mario Galaxy re-teaches some important lessons that a lot of us have forgotten in our thirsty pursuit for polygons and ever more detailed textures.

Progress should never be at the expense of the foundations it was built on. Super Mario Galaxy is all the teacher we need to show us that some things really should not be forgotten, and that other things in the modern industry really do need shaking up.

First and most obviously, Super Mario Galaxy is a platform game, albeit one which seriously pushes the boundaries of the genre. But where are the rest of them? It used to be the case that platform games were in greater supply than oxygen, but these days we're flailing on the ground gasping for breath. With the prevalence and popularity of shooters in the current climate, the humble jumping game has been left very much by the sidelines. Throughout its history though, the platform genre has been responsible for some of the most fun and innovative gameplay we've ever seen.

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Leon Kennedy4927d ago

Exactly. I go to Gamestop looking for platformers and they tell me, "There aren't too many games like that being made anymore." Why do I want to sling a sword around all day when I can face obstacles that require timing, anticipation, and correct judgement. This is why I became quickly tired of games like Ninja Gaiden (Xbox), Ratchet and Clank, and yes, even God of War. To me, one of the best series in recent years has been Prince of Persia. Jak 3 also had some good platforming. Why can't developers make more games like Mario 64? Why couldn't Tecmo have made Ninja Gaiden on Xbox as fun as the ones on NES? Why can't we have more FUN games out there?

kn4927d ago

This game is simply amazing. I couldn't put down the controller as I wanted to see what was next. I believe Nintendo hit it out of the park with this one. I was all for seeing Bioshock or Mass Effect possibly winning GOTY, but after playing a couple of hours of this game, I can't imagine any other game beating it out in terms of "overall experience" which is what GOTY is supposed to be about...

jjfunaz4927d ago

Their ability to make quality games is absolutely unmatched. They took mario, a tried and true franchise one that you think everything has been done before and took it to the next level. Mario Galaxy is definately a pinnicle in game design. The graphics might not be as pretty or the polygons aren't in the trillions but the level design, controll, and fun are amazing.

I don't understand why other game houses cannot make use of the wii controls like nintendo can. I thought playing galaxies was hard, but it after about 10 minutes everything you do feel natural. They make excellent use of the wiimote. They don't just add in waggle controls, they built the game around the Wii's controls keeping mario with the same feel as the old ones but ADDing to the gameplay through the new control functionality.

The same could be said about the ds. If you told me playing zelda with a stylus would be fun and intuitive i would have laughed at you, but after playing it for 5 minutes I didn't even realize i was using the stylus. Nintendo gets head for making touch screens and waggle controllers, but other game studio's don't get it. Nintendo truly is an amazing game developer and hardware developer. It just takes more outside the box thinking to make a successfull game on their system

ItsDubC4927d ago

Why do you only have 4 bubbles with insightful comments like that? I'm giving you one.

JosefTor4927d ago

After a couple hours of playing the game is growing on me. I don't think the game is like the vast adventure Mario 64 had... it is more like super mario brothers remade because the levels are linear, short, and rely on thinking/quick controls to avoid objects. There is nothing wrong with the game not being like Mario 64 but... just be prepared so you aren't disappointed as I initially was. I like the game very much. In my opinion I'd much rather play Call of Duty 4 but... it is a very high quality game from Nintendo and I can finally justify my Wii purchase. I still can't wait for Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart. Now back to Call of Duty 4... I need to decide to do prestige mode or not.

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