NPD: 2007 Sales So Far - Plus Top Sellers of the Year

The best selling games in units sold, across all platforms, for the year are as follows, with more year-to-date sales data available at the source.

• Halo 3 - 3,700,000
• Madden NFL 08 - 3,200,000
• Guitar Hero II - 2,800,00
• Wii Play with Remote - 2,500,000
• Pokemon Diamond - 2,100,000
• Pokemon Pearl - 1,500,000
• Spider-Man 3 - 1,400,000
• Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock - 1,400,000

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Baba19064930d ago

i dont have one of the 8 up there lol. it shows me again that i like games that dont need to sell millions. Quality isnt quantity.

im not saying the games there dont have quality. =D

jlytle12344930d ago

me neither. i hate fads.

fredy4930d ago

and 1 game to PWN them all..

power0919994930d ago

Madden NFL 08 - 3,200,000

I didn't realize it was that popular. Those are almost Halo numbers....

No wonder EA milks that game so much. People keep buying it regaurdless of the QA.

Oh well... that's business for you.

DrRage774930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

yeah but consider one very important thing.....Halo3 is ONLY available on the xbox360, so it sold 3,700,000 units on the 360 alone.

Madden 08, on the other hand, is available on ALL platforms, xbox360, ps3, ps2, psp, wii, nintendo 3,200,000 is the total sold on all the gaming consoles COMBINED

just wanted to make sure everyone understood the numbers correctly....

BoondockFan244930d ago

yeah and game's like bioshock or orange box or ratchet and things like that haven't topped a million yet even though they're incredible games. I wonder since there are so many coming out which "so called blockbuster" is going to bomb? Assassin's? Mass Effect? UT3? Uncharted? RockBand?

Danja4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

so where's Call of Duty 4..?

I only own GH2 & GH3..haha all those other games suck..!!!!

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