No, the iPhone 5 won’t kill the Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS has been struggling for some months now, and analysts are spelling doom for the handheld once the iPhone 5 comes out. But is the situation really that bad?

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rabidpancakeburglar4664d ago

Of course it won't, there are markets for phones and markets for handheld gaming so I'm not sure why it would damage it.

gw4k4664d ago

The iPhone will completely destroy Nintendo.
Probably Sony too!

Seriously folks, this is retarded! Look at the site that wrote this article. Everyone and their dog has a retarded game site now. All posting to N4G.

This site will be dead within a month!

Hisiru4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Oh damn! People still make such statement?

No way a phone without physical buttons can be compared to a handheld game like Vita or 3DS.

Yodagamer4663d ago

@Hisiru even if phones got button ala the xperia play you still have to worry about service plans so inless the service becomes free i dont see mobile gaming taking over portable gaming machines

MaxXAttaxX4663d ago

Phones won't replace gaming systems.

Mommy won't buy a they're kid a smartphone or tablet to play games. The names Nintendo and Sony can't be replaced.

If we're talking about the casual of most casual "gamers", then maybe not.
But a gamer who wants a proper gaming system will do so.

iamnsuperman4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Depends how much is invested (cost) in the 3DS. If it did cost a lot, like the consoles this generation, the casual have to be brought on board to make it a success (In Nintendo profit eyes). The casual do not care for the 3DS. All they are interested is cheap mobile games. It is sort of how the mobile gaming has moved on

@Alpha agree kill is the wrong word but damage is about right

A little note on comparing one to another is the iphone 5 hasn't been unveiled yet. So we cannot know.

-Alpha4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Not kill, but certainly damage. Nintendo still has killer apps for those casual phone users like Nintendogs but overall, that market is going to be hard for them to tap into.

Lucky for Nintendo, their core games seem to interest a wider variety of gamers and they still have a gigantic userbase, myself included

NESpower4664d ago

it's just competition but no one will die. The picture says it all...Mario is about to make apple pie...lol. The thing is consumers always go away then come back once they find out the grass wasn't greener with the competition. Nintendo made the best move at $169. It will work.

Wintersun6164664d ago

Haven't we gone through this already? I'm going to make it short and list 3 things why a phone is not going to kill a handheld console.

- Lack of precise controls.
- Lack of software support for games that can actually compete with 3DS and Vita games.
- The OS of a phone eats so much "power", that phones won't be on par even graphics-wise with handhelds anytime soon.

Half-Mafia4663d ago

my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 does much better graphics then the DS, 3DS and PSP. just to name a few games
Real Racing 2
C&C Red Alert
GTA China Town Wars
Dead Space

yes they only have touch screen controls but they only cost £5-£10

rabidpancakeburglar4663d ago

Did you say only? They are not worth that, I'll happily pay £40 for a good ps3/360 game but if I ever considered paying between £5 and £10 for an iphone or ipad game then I think I'd have to slap sense into myself.

clrlite4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Have fun with that Half-Mafia. My oldest laptop is many times more powerful than the Ipad and Iphone and can run Battlefield BC2, The Witcher, etc., so whats the big deal? The 3DS will have GAMES that are not available anywhere else and a hardcore following. It also has buttons.

Also, the Iphone isn't the only fancy smartphone anymore. People should be asking if the Vita, or the many droids will steal apples thunder.

Wintersun6164663d ago

Can any of them compete with Vita? Thought so.

Half-Mafia4663d ago

im not saying iOS is my only gaming system. I have a PS3 and i just bought a £800 gaming PC which has a HD 6970 in it. Wintersun616 said iphone/ipad wont be on par with the 3DS, but the iphone 4/ipad 2 has already pasted the 3DS graphics wise. the Vita has amazing graphics and im getting 1, but by the time the iPhone 6 and iPad 4 r out in the next 2 years they will have to same specs as the Vita.

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