Civilization: Revolution - CVG Preview - 'built for consoles'

Civilization: Revolution is the sort of game you can play sitting in your armchair in front of the box, sipping a cool long drink, while the world outside passes by. But for the latest game, Revolution, Civ creator Sid Meier and his team at Firaxis have chosen to break with tradition and bring the series to console. Meier himself believes turn-based strategy needs to be there on consoles. "The audience is ready to step up to strategy gaming".

Rather than attempt to port an existing Civilization game on PC to console, Firaxis has built Revolution from the ground up. While much of the series' traditional heavyweight stats have been cut away for console, the core Civ gameplay remains intact.

Building, resource gathering, decision making, technology trees, Wonders, the ability to succeed/win through economic, diplomatic, military methods or via researching technology and being the first to reach Alpha Centauri, the exploration of maps - all the foundations are present, but delivered in such a way that you never feel bogged down by micromanagement.

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perseus4923d ago

Too bad the Wii version of this is going to be later. Since ditching my PC, I've been aching for a good strategy game, and I'll have to buy this when the first ones are released for PS3 and 360.

Rooted_Dust4923d ago

This is one of the rare strategy games that would work just as well on a console as a PC because Civilization doesn't require any quick thinking or quick actions.

Relcom4923d ago

They are calling Console users stupid......The micromanagement is a key part of the game. Its too bad. I'll still buy it though.

Rooted_Dust4923d ago

No, not stupid. Just that with the console control scheme for RTS's you can't put quick thought into quick action.

Chubear4923d ago

Look, Console gamrs have a different mentality to PC gamers. We enjoy a different 'flow' to games. That's why when I hear crap like "if you want to play an RTS, play it on a PC it's the best way to go" I jsut laugh.

Sole Console gamers don't want to PC game, they want to console game so the mechanics that suit PC games just wouldn't work for console gamers cause our flow is different.

It's great that Sid recognised this and is making the appropriate step to cater to what console gamers are about.