Sony: The feel-good hit of the summer

Problems with laptop batteries and PS3 delays are overshadowing the fact that Sony is having a killer year at the box office....

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joemutt5392d ago

It has nothing to do with gaming.

Shadow Flare5392d ago

that's why this article is headed under INDUSTRY news you moron

ghostface5392d ago

yea, but if it was bade news, you'll welcome it with open arms.

CAPS LOCK5392d ago

there is no point denying it ur pic says it all, lol u want to ban the ps3.

The great Me5391d ago

Not any industry. By that logic we would put news about the San Francisco hotel worker's potential strike, because it is hotel INDUSTRY news. The site is called news for GAMERS.

BlackCountryBob5391d ago

Its about Sony who are in the industry, when articles about share prices get posted no-one complains then!

Captain Tuttle5391d ago

that Sony's stock is down is because of their bungling of the PS3 launch.