Xbox 360 version of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection will support avatar awards

Kojima says the xbox 360 version will get avatar items

Darth Stewie4694d ago

Cool but I rather get what the PS3 version will have: Transfarring.

DigitalRaptor4694d ago

The PS3 version will have a free PSP code for Peace Walker.

So not only do you get transfarring, but a free game to use that feature too!! :)

BlmThug4694d ago

But you get the HD superior version of Peace Walker already when you buy the HD collection regardless of what platform you buy it for so that reason is void

Eamon4694d ago

lol what is void? Transfarring has nothing to do with graphics.

If for example, you are playing Peace Walker on your PS3 and are going on holiday the next day, you can just take your psp with the exact game save and carry on while you're away.

Nate-Dog4693d ago

Transfarring isn't something Kojima came up with all on his own, I mean you could do the exact same thing with any PSOne games you downloaded onto your PS3 and put on your PSP too. It's a decent feature but I can't see that many people buying Peace Walker 2 (for example) on both PS3 and PSVita just so they can use transfarring. Especially if you can do something like play whatever game you have in your PS3 on your Vita through remote play (unless that feature is restricted to certain games but I don't see why that would be the case since you're effectively just streaming the game across).

DigitalRaptor4693d ago

Good points. I think Kojima is attempting to make it an industry standard which is cool in itself.

Wolfie4694d ago

Can we get Home items or awesome lookin Snake avatar for PSN profile?

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The Matrix4694d ago

I'm going to play it on both. Get 1000 GS and a Platinum. That's how hardcore of a fan I am.

ZeroChaos4694d ago

"A" platinum? Surely it would come with 2 plats possibly 3 for each game?

belal4694d ago

I think it will be very hard to get the platinum on mgs. think use stalth and no detection etc lol. Will be fun, i just got my resistance 3 platinum, was not hard at all except superhuman.

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OtterX8d ago

They should release it on NSO's GBA lineup. The Switch has a light sensor afterall! (Switch Lite owners would be out of luck though)

Chocoburger7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I don't think games would be able to 'hook into' the light sensor for automatic screen brightness.
The best way to play the game is with the fan patch that lets you adjust the amount of light the game is receiving at will. Make sure not to play at max sunlight for too long, or the game will punish you, keep the sunlight meter lowered in order to keep playing longer.



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