Surfer Girl: How to debunk a supposed "debunker" (Gaming Target)

On November 14, 2007, Gaming Target chief editor John Scalzo wrote "Surfer Girl's Wild Ride", (via the credit link,) intending to debunk Surfer Girl.

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Surfer Girl took note and initially responded in a terse update on her blog:
Some guy at some website I never heard of throws a whinefest about how he never gets anything exclusive, how he cannot comprehend sarcasm, and how I am an evil, no good Satanist, all in the name of ad revenue or puppies and sunflower seeds or something. He is super credible man who submits the articles he writes to Digg. Fallacious, logically (and factually) erroneous beings go party tonight at the mansion. I'm officially amused.

Scalzo followed up to Surfer Girl's response:

Hi Surfer Girl. Isn't that how it works? When a person or company notices an article, you say hello to them in an update? Yes, Surfer Girl has officially responded to my article on her blog in a grammatically suspect post titled November thirteenth things...

I have to admit, I'm amused as well. Especially since Surfer Girl accused me of posting this as a hits grab and her link has brought in plenty of hits.

But I'm also throwing down the gauntlet. Go ahead Surfer Girl, prove to me and everyone else that any of your rumors have any real meat to them. Show me one that has been confirmed that wasn't already out in the ether before.

Now Surfer Girl has officially thrown down the gauntlet and posted a full response...

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ktchong4928d ago

This is getting too funny...

ShiftyLookingCow4928d ago

this is boring. I hope nobody makes any more stories for further rebuttals

titntin4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

opps wrong reply!

titntin4928d ago

Does anyone care? What has this drivel got to do with games news? Why does this nonsence get approved?

ktchong4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

... by the admin.


titntin4928d ago

Well, I can't argue with him!! :)

Dathcha4928d ago

I just want to add my little 2 cents of support to the currently prevailing opinion in the comments here that this is NOT interesting news, nor does it have to do with gaming as such...
This is turning into a flaming war for Surfergirl and as such it holds all the merits of one (NONE)...

After having made the mistake of actually reading her 'response' I can even say that it's weak, lame and full of holes and filled with cheap shots to try and divert attention to what is actually said in the original article that she is supposedly debunking...

Avoid at all costs is my personal suggestion (if not Surfergirl entirely, than at least this particular thread of events)

Armyless4927d ago


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