New PS3 Theme Builder v1.2 the easy way to make PS3 themes and preview them.

With PS3 Theme Builder v1.2 you can make full PS3 themes in 15 minutes
with the easy visual interface you can preview your work as you go.

here is the download link

link 2

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Jdash244928d ago

i expect to see thousands of customs themes over the next couple of weeks

I'll personally keep an eye out for a beatles theme, if anyone finds one, pm me a link plz

whateva4928d ago

just find some Beatles pictures and make them into png files for your icons then use this to add them with your background for a Beatles theme.

ErcsYou4928d ago

when are they going to release a MAC osx version?

jjfunaz4927d ago

That is definately a cool program for ps3 owners. This is definately soemthing that I can see catching on. I'm actually jealous that microsoft doesn't have something like this. Microsoft and their damn money hungry scemes

90Supra4927d ago

but when I DL it, it doesn't work -

Any1 one know how to install it?

If so let me get a PM- thanks

whateva4927d ago

but there is a new on out that I'm going to post once the bugs are out of it!