FINAL FANTASY XIII-2′s English Theme Song

The full version of Charice’s “New World,” which will be FINAL FANTASY XIII-2′s theme song for the English version of the game (and the Xbox 360 version in Japan), has surfaced online.

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narutogameking4455d ago

Is the song good at all? i dont want to waste my time hearing it O_O

NovusTerminus4455d ago

Not really... But I hate Pop.

They need something less... soft. Something with some beat to it, some speed. Not these random pop songs.

Hell SE got Your Favorite Enemies for Dissidia, get them again, they did good.

blitz06234454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

I'd say it's better than the awful My Hands. I personally don't mind My Hands as a song, but using it as the theme song for FFXIII is just dumb

Godmars2904455d ago

About to say you couldn't stand to waste one minute to listen to the first minute, but the actual sound quality is just crap.

And the song still isn't that good.

iamtehpwn4455d ago

It's actually the same song Yakusoku no Basho, but in English. If you guys are still complaining...Then you're nitpicking because Hikari/Simple and Clean for Kingdom Hearts did this in the same manner.

J@D4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

actually u r quite right, with the exception that Utada rewrote the whole song for the English version and change a few beat, notes and rhythms for the translation, same apply Sanctuary and Passion. As a musician this a half-bake production but I rather prefer this compare to My Hands with FFXIII to be honest.

If S-E could do 1000-words/real Emotion on both Japanese and English and both sounds great, I wonder why same does apply here... give a thought.

Pozzle4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

It's not amazing, but it's a definite improvement on some of the crappy songs that have been in FF games recently.

I miss the days of songs like Eyes on Me and Melodies of Life. Hell, even 1000 Words. Those songs were all amazing and perfectly fitted the theme of the games (I still get chills watching Rinoa appear out of the darkness at the end of FFVIII as soon as the song starts playing, or when Garnet jumps into Zidane's arms at the end of FFIX just as the music swells).
This song just seems to be a "stick it at the end of the credits and hopefully people will buy the CD" sort of thing. I hope I'm wrong, but I can't imagine such a light poppy sort of song making a scene any more...moving or emotional, or anything.

Pozzle4454d ago

Oh! I found the scenes I was talking about.

First video: The scene where Rinoa appears just as Eyes on Me begins to play...amazing.

Second video: The music swelling as Garnet jumps into Zidane's arms. Followed by Garnet's song being played over the credits...amazing.

Third video: Yuna and Tidus' first kiss. Say what you want about the game, that was a really well-done scene with a great use of music.

Fourth video: Does One Winged Angel count as a lyrical song? I remember when I first played this game I thought I'd finally killed Sephiroth, then the moment the song started playing I thought "...oh shit!"

Redempteur4454d ago

quality of the vid is crap , song is alright ..

"My hands" can die in a fire by the way ...

trenso14454d ago

It's meh not really bad but "my hands" Leona Lewis was a better song IMO

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ScubaSteve14455d ago

so what happen when they use to add japanese songs to final fantasy games for america

Pozzle4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

Actually, using the original Japanese songs is more of a recent (post FFX-2) thing.

VsAssassin4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

I love Charice but I must admit, when I first heard this yesterday, yeah I listened to that same low-quality track, I didn't like it. But now I do. This is a grows-on-you kind of music. It's actually better than 'My Hands'.

Inception4455d ago

Why SE can't make some theme song like FF VIII ~ Eyes on Me, FF IX ~ Melodies of Life, and FF X ~ Suteki da Ne?
they're not just beautiful but also memorable