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wwm0nkey3249d ago

I don't get how something like this gets canned, this looked amazing.

Pikajew3249d ago

We dont get this but we get Thor the movie game

NewMonday3248d ago

It got canned because it is great, and movie tie-in's aren't allowed to be good. /S

honestly whoever canceled the game should be the one "canned", just think of how great online co-op would have been.

deadpoole3248d ago

This effin trailer is filled with spoilers of what is goin to be in actual movie .... :(((

morganfell3249d ago

They canned the game because they required more funding to advertise Homefront.

silvacrest3248d ago

lol really? that POS broken game?


Madusha3249d ago

Absoulutely amazing game. This should be picked up by someone else and continued. Reminds me a bit of Skyrim with more destruction hehe =D

SilentNegotiator3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

The playable Superman game on the ps1 was cancelled, the game based on the flash was cancelled, and now this...

So many good superhero games die young :(

hilyou3249d ago

maybe this could hav been THE BEST superhero movie tie in video game! the only thing i didnt like was there were 2 hulks, it should hav benn each player has a different avenger! imagine if this had 4 player spiltscreen!

NewMonday3248d ago

or give different players different costumes from comic cannon, like:

green Hulk, grey Hulk, red Hulk, Meastro

gold Iron Man armor, classic red and gold, War Machine

Ultimat C.America, Bucky, USAgent, Super Solder

Beta Ray Bill, 1602 Thor, Ultimate Thor

supersonicjerry3248d ago

It was only alpha gameplay so yeah i'm sure they wouldn't have left it like that.

Bigpappy3249d ago

Looks like a good game for Kinect.

SilentNegotiator3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Not at all.

Slow reaction times, completely unread movements, and action games do not mix.

You want a GOOD superhero game? You're going to need quick reactions for all of the action.

NewMonday3248d ago

i think it would fit Move better, at least as optional controles

Ayepecks3249d ago

If you look at the other games this studio has made, they're all utter garbage. This is a production reel designed to show the very best aspects of the game, so of course it's going to look good. It's like saying "I made 100% on all the questions I got right on my exam!"

Not saying this couldn't have been good, just saying you guys are getting worked up over nothing.

Chevalier3248d ago

Rocksteady games wasn't well known before either and they made Batman Arkham Asylum and are making Arkham City. So pedigree isn't everything.

Ayepecks3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

@ Chevalier: Rocksteady had made one previous game that got decent-to-good reviews (75%). This studio is most definitely not in that category -- their last two games have gotten average review scores of 33%/43% (360, PS3 version) and 51%.

All the reviews I can find of their games have aggregate scores of the 50% range or less (Google "THQ Australia Studio").

antz11043248d ago

Regardless above, the churned out Batman AA, which in my opinion is the best superhero game ever made. That kinda puts them at the top of the list for me:)

Jamzluminati3248d ago


I see why they canned it.

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mcmmaster3249d ago

So Iron Man 2 and the Thor game get green lit but this doesn't, THQ must have been smoking all kinds of shit when the closed down the studio that was developing such an awesome co-op avengers game

pennyman3249d ago

I'd be curious to see what kinda game ties in with the Avengers movie

KingSlayer3249d ago

That looked freaking unreal. By the looks of it, co-op too. Damn you THQ.