Change Your Leader in FINAL FANTASY XIII-2

Or so this screenshot will have you believe.

Hidden deep within the newly released TGS trailer, sharp detectives have found quite possibly an important new element to the battle system: Leader Change.
If you check out this image here, you’ll see it clearly says so in katakana in the command select menu

(The last command in the 2nd screenshot).

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fluffydelusions4457d ago

Good, because I hated having to use certain characters as leaders e.g. Hope

Anderson84457d ago

my hatred for that character knows no bounds..

Simon_Brezhnev4457d ago

Same here i hated Hope with a passion.

iamtehpwn4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

I'll take the disagree hit, and Say Hope was actually one of the better characters in Final Fantasy XIII.

If you used him combat properly, he actually was quite good magic (Strongest Mage in the game) and eventually learned haste and other powerful enhacement spells.

As far as his part of the plot goes, he actually makes the story interesting with anger and hatred toward Snow. For anyone who says he was a "Whiny" character, he was a 14 year old who saw his mother get killed and was threatened by a fate worse than Death.

I expect you guys wanted him to be like "LOL. It's okay. I'm a kid, my mom dying in front of me and me being hunted down by the government and I'll turn into a Monster if I don't destroy my home world I ain't even mad"

baker_boi4457d ago

If you read between the lines of his character and how he became to change Hope was a weakling little punk.

He should have stood up and been a man, but he let his mother take that gun and die instead of fighting himself.

He gained his fate of "becoming a monster" because he wanted to throw the blame of his own weakness onto some one else. Not only that, but to MURDER that person.

He was whiny and held no responsibility. He eventually acknowledges his own weakness and stops blaming some one else for it and starts to change.

The thing that made him annoying is that, HE IS A CHILD and handled his problems in the fashion.

Regardless of how the player uses him in combat, it doesn't change his character.

TheTwelve4457d ago

I used Hope ONLY because he had my favorite summon of all, Holy Alexander. Outside of that he was corny, useless brat.


Simon_Brezhnev4457d ago

We didnt want him to be "LOL." Hope is annoying as hell no matter how you try to sugarcoat it. All he did was whine and want revenge. The story was so predictable even if the game story is predictable. They should had executed the story good. Its a reason this game has the most hate in all FF series.

Optical_Matrix4457d ago

Had me squinting for a second then I saw it in the second screenshot. Bottom menu selection. That'll make fights a lot more tactical. FFXIII-2 is definitely ticking the right boxes so far.

just_sayin4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

I hope this means its not game over if the leader falls i hated that in 13

@Mr Space
I'm no 13 lover i dislike it with everyone, but i'll give 13-2 its chance just like i did with 10-2

MrSpace4457d ago

Wow FF13 lovers are really eating this crap up aren't they....

Throw in some minor improvments, over exgerate them, people will think they are listening to the fans and get tricked into buying the sequel only to end up disapointed again.

Why Square....why make make a sequel to crap FF game. Why not make a new main FF title so we can ALL enjoy it not just the FF13 lovers.....I mean really out of the majority of people who hated FF13 who is going to buy the sequel...you'd be lost in the story for starters.

Honestly a few bits of bobs here and there.....and people think Sqaure are back on track. Trust me they are over exgerating these "improvments" to trick you into buying the game again.

Come on guys just for Versus......if people buy this then we'll get a third game and it dosen't matter if most of them buyers are dissapointed for the second time...Square will count it as a happy sale.

Godmars2904457d ago

Because they were already making it. XIII wasn't done, but XIII-2 was already in production.

WhiteLightning4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

I don't think they were...F13-2 was never planned.

Square had plans to make the Fabula Nova Crystallis series which consisted of FF13, FF13 Versus and FF Agito 13.

FF13-2 came after FF13 because it didn't do well as they had hoped, it got a mixed reception and since they had left over content they didn't want it to waste so they made it into a sequel. It messed up their plans for this "Crystal series"

Why do you think FF Agito 13 got renamed into FF Type-0 to seperate it from the Fabula Nova Crystallis.

Mr Space is right on one thing it really is just for the fans who enjoyed FF13, why would they...even with the "improvments" target this at people that didn't like it, didn't finish it, didn't buy it or those who thought it was boring.......they won't play it if it was one of those reasons, plus you would be lost in the story like MrSpace has pointed out. It has no intention to bring faith back to FF13, it's really just targeted at those who bought and enjoyed FF13...people who didn't like the first but buy the sequel is a bonus for Square, nothing more...they don't really care if it fails because they aren't relying on it like they were for FF14.

rabidpancakeburglar4457d ago

You need to give this game a chance, you aren't even paying attention to any of the 'massive' improvements that are being made to this game. Do you honestly believe that Square Enix blowing the improvements out of proportion, they aren't, the improvements are pretty clear to see and websites and people are noticing them. If this was any other article, and not one about XIII-2 you would be bubbled down for trolling.

Outside_ofthe_Box4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

The reason why VS13 > 13 & 13-2 is because vs13's battles happen real time.


I'm specifically talking about these games.

13 is trash and 13-2 looks like more of the same so far.

rabidpancakeburglar4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

By that logic it's better than all the other FF games before you even know anything about it.

Can you tell me what about it looks like "more of the same"? I mean obviously they can't massively change the characters about if it's a sequel to XIII, so what else?

iWishTifaWasReal4457d ago (Edited 4457d ago )

i agree with MySpace,

cuz ive been waiting for Versus for 5 years now

and when they released FFXIII in 2010. i was happy that theres a possibility that Versus might get a 2011 release date but that was shattered when they announced FFXIII-2.

like seriously, im okay with FFXIII. the game is alright. but im really excited for Versus. here they announce a sequel that nobody asked for.

sigh :/

RedDead4457d ago

I gotta say man i'm a devout hater of FFxiii, but this one looks alright, it's still exceptionally cheesy but the other improvements are good, it seems liek a different game to be honest, Autobattle was in FFXiii for all the shi* battles and we were on training wheels for 20+ hours, this more than likely won't be like that. Now...SnowxSerah still creeps me the fu** out...Poor girl would get annihilated in bed.

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SolDojo4457d ago

I'm not opposed to giving 13-2 a try, but it means I've got to actually finish 13. Arg.

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The Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Deserves a Remaster

Final Fantasy 13 was first introduced to us back in 2009, almost four years after Final Fantasy 12 was released, and fans had been eagerly anticipating the next installment. But when it finally arrived, there were mixed reactions, including complaints about its linearity, the lack of towns and NPCs, and the limited control over the characters. At the time, Square Enix kept its game production behind closed doors and didn't take in a lot of feedback — especially from Western fans.

The game has been revisited by many different Final Fantasy fans since then, and some, like myself, have come to love it again. Almost all staple entries in the series have found their way to modern consoles, so it's about time that the FF13 trilogy gets a remaster

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shinoff2183183d ago

I've been thinking about this. I agree. While I really disliked it at first I never played it again. After hating ff15 so damn much I just think it can't be worse then 15 and if I'm not mistaken atleast it's turn based. I need more of that in my life.

nitus10183d ago

I actually finished FFXIII and on the second playthrough found I actually liked the game.

Actually I have liked most of the FF games (I have not played FFIX unfortunately) and I do agree with you with regards to FFXV. Graphically IMHO FFXV is excelent but for some reason I just could not get enthusiastic in playing it.

As for "turn-based", I prefer active and real time although to be fair "turn-based" is a real plus especially when confronting a difficult protagonist. I found this to be especially the case when playing FFXXII where you could switch rapidly between "turn" and "active" although having a resonable knowledge of simple Boolean Algebra is IMHO essential when playing this game.