Assassin's Creed: PS3 vs Xbox 360 Comparison HD

Which system gets the graphical short end of the stick?

WARNING: There's a spoiler in the video. Watch at your own discretion.

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ktchong4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

So what's with GameSpot's review??

The difference between Xbox 360 and PS3 in the 250x and 300x zoom comparison is quite... drastic.

mesh14928d ago

THERE is a massive defference tbh i didnt exopect there to be thids much of a defference but there is a game changing defference in my eyes the 360 version looks 6 steps ahead od the ps3 not to sound fanboyish but i find it odd its been a year know and muliplats and 1 with amazing vissuals is looking better on the 360 ? maybe its the 360 gpu?

ddldave4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

this is pure bs, i have assassin's creed for ps3 and the colors do not look washed out and dull like that. theses fanboys must've turned off game mode and changed the settings to standard on their televisions while recording the ps3 version, then turn on game mode and changed the settings to vivid while recording the 360 version.

Honeal2g4928d ago

maybe every gamesite isnt actually out to get sony kid...keep up that attitude and the only site left would be or somethign...honestly when they split the screen is when i can really see the difference but when they show them individually its hard to tell....its only evident (atleast to me) when they are put next to eachother

Proxy4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

Color differences are trivial and can be adjusted.

Shall I hook a 360 up to a B&W CRT-TV and hook a PS3 to a Bravia and then compare the two? Save the color difference, they are the same.

And I like how mesh tried to sound somewhat neutral in his post, but we all know he's a PS3 hater and has no credibility.

mesh14928d ago

haha i dont h8 the ps3 or love the 360 as i think bothare the same tbh but it annoyd me to read lies AND when this site is 80% sony fans and 20% 360 fans i feel there an unfair ness going on as thissi a sony site and tjhey twist 90% of the storys so i feel i have to make sony boys snap out of[

PaTrioTs14927d ago

Obviously doctored to make the PS3 version looked blurrier and washed out. My copy on my PS3 looks very vivid and clear.

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JokesOnYou4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

great comparison vid, sonykids are not going to like this, I'm just glad I own a 360=


vvvvv hey gamesblow, Gametrailers doesn't change anything they just compare the games side by side, maybe you are just used to the "way" games look running on your very nice ps3, dont blame Gametrailers for that, lmfao.

uh oh, here we go again, ADD gametrailers to the list of micro co-consprirators, this comparison vid is fake they obviously did "something" to the ps3 version, oh well another day; another site bribed by micro

Honeal2g4928d ago

Denial...Denial ...Denial... ppl cant cope with Reality so they say dumb$hit like ooo "gametrailers hate ps3 so they are makin it look bad on purpose" blah blah blah ... the only game that i can say looks practically identical is COD4 i can barely see the difference so good job to Activision the rest of u in denial ..its ok how could the minor color difference really upset u ? cmon just enjoy it

Proxy4928d ago

And if you get around to it, you can spend about 15 seconds in your TV menu and eliminate the color difference, then they really are the same. :D

aceitman4927d ago

i have a 360 and ps3 and my friend brought over his 360 version and i put it on and they look i dentical color and all ps3 has more partical affects than 360 and runs smoother so how did they do that they used deepfield imaging and turned it of on the ps3 to make it look colorless and thats some 360fanboy trying to put down the ps3 i did it and thats how it looks i did it on both it makes it look bad .i have them both a and you have to admit it games are looking better on the ps3 and it will only get more better as developers get to know it .

gamesblow4928d ago

Hmmm... My Assassins creed looks nothing at all like that Ps3 version there. That's strange. My Ps3 version litterally looks nothing like that. These are nothing more than tampered with. Color, contrast and sharpness has all been messed with on the PS3 version of these pics, clearly.

toughNAME4928d ago

just call customer service and say its too dusty

DRE19704928d ago


sectionz4928d ago

I have this for the PS3 and it looks NOTHING like in that video .. i have a 360 too and my gamestop friend popped his in .. they are pretty much identical with the xbox version with a slight advantage in lighting, although i like the more shaded perspective of the ps3 .. anyhow somethings off here. Sharp Aquos 42" HDMI.

JokesOnYou4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

of course its not going to "look like that on my ___" hdtv" because the difference is this is a side by side vid comparison on the *internet,(it also depends on the TV and quality vid capture) which is definitely NOT going to look as vivid as you watching it LIVE in person on your hdtv, same holds true for 360, no sh!t it looks better in person, the point is both comparisons use the same setup= again 360 version comes out looking a little better,


hardcorehippiez4927d ago

i dont have a clue as to why this is happenin but there is no way the ps3 version looks like this. the graphics colour and framerate all looks well on my set up. something fishy i think. am waiting for my neighbour to get this game tomorrow for his 360 then ill do a comparrison myself

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gamesR4fun4928d ago

got mine today and it looks way better than that. Playing it at 720p with the brightness turned down one notch. Framerates solid and the game looks fantastic.

gamesblow4928d ago

Trust me, I don't even like the game as my review dipicted and I'm not fond of the Ps3 much right now, either... Those vids are doctured. Plain and simple...

ReBurn4928d ago

I chose the PS3 version of this game and it doesn't look anything like this video to me. Either way, it's a great game.