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Most HD Game Resolutions Not Even 720p Let Alone 1080p

Well it turns out that when a game box says that it runs in 720p or 1080p it's not entirely true. Sure you can set it to that resolution but the actual game output resolution is rarely exactly that.

Check out two of the biggest releases of the season for example:
COD4 (360) 1024×600p 2xAA
COD4 (PS3) 1024×600p 2xAA
Uncharted (PS3) 960×1080 in 1080p
Neither Call of Duty 4 or Uncharted run in the actual resolutions.

The reason most games do this is to allow for more visual effects to be rendered to the screen without slowing the game down. Most won't ever notice or care but it's kind of interesting to find out the actual resolutions that games render in. Here are some more recent ones along with a huge list of older releases from the pixel counter at Beyond3D.

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JokesOnYou4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

many people made a big deal out of Halo3 being native 640p, then I read this news a few days ago on another site, found out COD4 is only 600p also I found its very common for devs to play with the resolutions, to find ways to add certain effects, the bottom line is these consoles are limited in the RAM dept, its not bad but mid to high end PC's as usual surpass consoles, so unless its a game like Virtua Tennis, native 1080p will be hard to pull off without sacrificing in other areas, either way I get sick of tech specs all I give a damm about is what results I can physically see on my hdtv and COD4 looks fckin sweet.


vvvvv well yeah dante, I admit when I first joined this site I was talking alot of sh!t just to piss sonykids off, well simply because they piss me off, now I just dont let the bs bother me, so if you've read my posts lately even though I'm harsh, still not a ps3 fan, and make fun of sonykids the gist of my comments are always based on commons sense and reality, even though it still rubs them the wrong way

dantesparda4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

A non-fanboy, actual human sounding comment coming from you. Im impressed! But seriously folks, I have been saying this since way back in 2005 & 2006. I could already tell that this was the case just by looking at them with my own eyes, (that they werent really running in 720P). I even stated back then that most of these games are probably running at 1024 by 768 (if even that!). And it turns out that i was right. But i already knew that back then. Not only did i say that they werent running at 720p, but i also said that alot of these games where also either shutting of their anti-aliasing or setting it to 2X in 720p mode. Also, most of these games framerate on the 360 run better at 640 by 480 (which is 480p) then they do at 720p. Also, the anisotropic filtering on most 360 games is not 8X. And almost all 360 games use "BRI"-linear (thats right, i said "bri" linear, not "bi" or "tri" linear filtering). Which to me is completely and utterly unacceptable! i cant for the life of me figure out why they are using brilinear rather than trilinear, other than its a cheat to try and maximize performance. Most of us already know about the screen tearing. And another thing that i dont like about these systems is that they only have a 128-bit bus to the GPU! that is pathetic! i would never buy a graphics card with a 128-bit bus (unless they could show that it could indeed performance good, regardless of its bus size). Also another thing thats weak about the 360's architecture (and i know that the 360 fanboys are gonna love this) is the Unified RAM architecture! 128-bit bus from the GPU to the RAM is bad enough, but if that wasnt bad enough, its shared (the bandwith) with the CPU! that is (and im sorry fanboys) disgusting! That architecture is no better than a laptops UMA, the only difference is that it runs at a higher Mhz than the usual laptop and that its GDDR3 Video RAM, rather than the slower DDR and DDR2 RAM they use now

p.s. and this is coming from a 360 and PS3 owner (i just recently bought it). And every thing i just said also applies to the PS3 (sorry PS3 fanboys) except for the sharing of the bandwith between both the CPU and GPU that the 360 has.

JsonHenry4961d ago

Now all you idiots that were telling me (especially the PS3 fanboys) that hardly ANY console games run at 720p for their native resolution need to wake up.

I had so many "You are so stupid" or "STFU noob" because I have been trying to tell you all this all along.

Who is the n00b now?!

Mainman4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

Uncharted is still HD though, cant say that about COD4.

Ucharted covers 720p and is in fact a 1080i game.
Uncharted = 960x1080 = 1080i.
The difference between 1080i and 1080p, is that 1080i only renews half the image at a time, 1080p renews the full image.

1080p = 1920x1080 = 2.073.600 pixels.
1080i = 960x1080 = 1.036.800 pixels (exact half of 1080p).
720p = 1280x720 = 921.600 pixels.

ip-student4961d ago

1280 X 720 is the sweet spot. More than that and the textures look like crap. And the difference between 600p and 720p is hard to see, depending on the art work. Hence, a lot of developers cheat a little. On the 360 the scaler covers up most of that so not a problem. The PS3 has a less impressive scaler but can also do this. So the net result is that both are going to look similar and current GPU's can blow them both out of the water. But since my TV is a 720p, I am good for this generation.

The real issue is optimization - if you decide you are going to have less pixels in order to have better textures and/or lighting, then you need to make sure the textures and/or lighting really make a difference. Same with frame rate, decide what you are going to have on screen and then make sure the gpu can handle the activity and still provide good frame rates.

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Bonsai12144961d ago

correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't most games developed solely for ps3 720p native or above? like i know ratchet cut out like 8 pixels or something, but the screensize was still 720 because they chose to put black bars there rather than stretch the image.

then again, i don't know enough about video game development to fully speak about this..

jackdoe4961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )

Unfortunately, no. Almost all games this generation have been upscaled through various means and upscaled to various degrees. The thing is that if a game is upscaled properly, you can't tell the difference between upscaled and native. The only way to tell is to blow up the image and count each pixel which most gamers won't do.

Bonsai12144961d ago

i thought this wasn't the case with ps3 games because it can't upscale vertically.

oh well. haha. i don't care, if the game looks good, it deserves credit, no matter what resolution its at.

season0074961d ago (Edited 4961d ago )


and he is saying uncharted is not even 720p?
what a joke

edit: and yea...i've read thru the list and most of the 360 titles aren't at 720p, but i can only see a few very PS3 titles that aren't 720p

solidt124961d ago

Yeah Uncharted Rocks, but I guess it isn't that bad that Halo 3 runs at 640p knowing this.

krik4961d ago

The demo runs at 720p not 1080p... not sure about the game but my guess is that it's also 720p. Where are these guys getting their information from?

yamamoto1144961d ago

It's not the number of pixels total. It's how many pixels are being stretched. Sure you have 1080 horizontal lines, but you also only have 960 pixels going vertically across the screen. That's a vertical rectangle. That means that the width is stretched.

The width of the picture is actually shorter than the height. That's like turning your TV on its side.

-SIXAXIS-4961d ago

Yeah, but solidt12, Uncharted has way better graphics than Halo 3 and looks way more real. Plus there's a better physics system and real-time lighting.

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akaFullMetal4961d ago

kinda makes u wonder if hd is then that important, but then again i guess anything over 480 is hd now 600, 640, 960

jackdoe4961d ago

I already knew all of this.