Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart

Let's get this factoid out of the way quickly: for the week of November 5th to the 11th, the PlayStation 3 outsold the Wii in Japan. Bolstered by very strong sales of Shin Sangoku Musou 5 and a cheaper 40 GB model, the PS3 jumped from regular weekly sales in the ten to twenty-thousands to an admirable 55,924, outselling the Wii by some 20,000 units. That's in sharp contrast to the recently released NPD Group sales data for October, which doesn't take into account the recent price drop in North America. The Nintendo DS still sits uncontested at the top of the charts, in little danger of being outsold by its competitors any time soon.

Kotaku is sure that the folks at Sony have already cracked open the good bottle of sake, as this hardware victory may be short lived.

* Nintendo DS Lite - 78,854
* PSP - 58,964
* PlayStation 3 - 55,924
* Wii - 34,546
* PlayStation 2 - 9,043
* Xbox 360 - 5,817

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season0074928d ago

I say that's the daily sale of PS3 40gb

Gordii4928d ago

Ps2 owns xbox360!!!! lol did we really need the ps3? we could have killed 360 with the ps2 lol :) But anyway its great for ps3 get an install base so we get more game companies on the Sony side so i can stop hearing xbox is better?!?!?! are you guys serious i owned a 360 and horrible service when it breaks? wtf is that?

Danja4928d ago

Yes exactly this is just first day well..we'll see how much of an impact it really did have next week..!!!


Blaine4928d ago

Why did the writer of this article choose to add this sentence as conclusion: "Kotaku is sure that the folks at Sony have already cracked open the good bottle of sake, as this hardware victory may be short lived." That was completely useless, and I also think it was wrong. Why is it this can't be the start of something good for Sony? I don't see the price going back up, or games being pulled off the shelves; the price is only going to stay down or go down further, and there will only be more games coming out, so I think the PS3 is finally picking up steam. And for good. This may be the beginning of the PS3's uprise and I, for one, do not think it will be short lived.

snoop_dizzle4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

it probably won't be short lived for sony, sony is starting to become very competitive. However Nintendo will probably continue to sell more there. However, Nintendo has more competition now. This will be very interesting to see what will go on.

and btw that sentence was part of what they said. Not me. I frankly didn't think much of it. Maybe i should of.

remix4928d ago

while i dont think sony's numbers will be as high 2 weeks from now as it will be next week, i do think they will still sell very well, possibly alittle more or just as much as the wii.

i mean japan does have grandturismo coming in december so we will see.

im interested in american sales to be honest though

snoop_dizzle4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

that is true grand turismo is coming there. That will have some effect on sales probably. But I'm thinking next year when sony really skyrockets. I think the nit will sell as much or more per month, but they still have a lot of catching up to do in total sales.

but yeah the us is an entire different story in the U.S> being that all three consoles will be wanted by a lot of people.

Gahigiddy4928d ago

That was ONE DAY of sales.

And this is the holiday season, with GT5P and others I can't remember coming in to boost sales further.

Remember, Dynasty Warriors PS3 outsold Super Mario F***ing Galaxy! (First day, which is all we have for both - DW was only out for one day, not 2 or 3 as per usual.)