Bullet Points: Top 7 Side-Scrolling Beat 'Em Ups of All Time

Among the many, many genres of video games, perhaps none is as mindlessly fun as the beat-'em-up, and the side-scrollers represented their Golden Age. Throwing nunchuks and repetitive bad guys with different colored clothes are among the hallmarks of the genre… along with a hearty dose of unmitigated ass-kicking. No need to be a deep or logical thinker. No need to even be accurate with a mouse pointer. Just the desire to beat the crap out of people. Forget about those PvP games that were all the rage in the 90s. This is about one man versus a ton of baddies. The terrible odds are what makes side-scrolling beat 'em ups so bad ass.

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blu3print4930d ago

How can they forget Contra

DeckUKold4930d ago

an excellent list without contra and they should of mention golden axe 2 and megaman x3

blu3print4930d ago

It's a beat 'em up list... don't think Contra was a beat 'em up.... but still..was a damn good game

Bonsai12144930d ago

exclusion of contra III = automatic fail. but its great to see double dragon getting its deserved placed. (ie, somewhere high on the list)

TalantMAJR4929d ago

I must agree to Streets of Rage II being the top spot.

I've got very good, very fond memories playing Streets II.

jackdoe4929d ago

Contra wasn't a beat em up. It was a shooter. Turtles in Time was pure awesome though.

Skerj4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

Um that list is mean, Guardian Heroes should be #1!! Followed by moving River City Ransom to #2 and Double Dragon 3 to #3, and Streets of Rage 2 to #4. DD3 was arguably the best one and I say arguably because someone's going to argue with me that it wasn't and I'm going to argue back that it was, the argument will ensue. The first time 1 dude and I were running at each other and he jumped off his friend's back and kicked me in the forehead, I was like "you dirty bastard THAT WAS AWESOME". But seriously Guardian Heroes = #1 9life.

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