IGN: PS3 Still Struggling in Japan

IGN: "The DS Lite regained the top spot in Japanese hardware sales during October 2007 after PSP claimed the title in September. According to Famitsu, the dual screens moved 318,000 units last month. Sony's handheld wasn't far behind, though, with 279,000 sold. The portable duo left all the home consoles in the dust.

The Wii came in a distant third with 110,415 units sold. The numbers drop off considerably from there: 47,183 for the PlayStation 3, 45,447 for the PS2, and 18,717 for the Xbox 360".

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wil4hire4928d ago

So, the 360 sold 5 systems.. yet the ps3 is the one struggling?!

Armyless4928d ago

You can't just lump the DS crowd in with consoles! LOL

(i think IGN is cashing in on the controversy gravy-train a tad)

ruibing4928d ago

The fact remained that most Sony fans in Japan already has a PS2 which still has top releases there (in terms of home consoles, not portable consoles) than any of the next gen consoles.

Most of the solid PS3 titles has been from Europe and the U.S., so they don't have as much appeal as JRPGs (my favorite genre), but it will change soon thanks to Nippon Ichi's Disgaea 3 and Level 5's White Knight Story. Then followed up by MGS4 and FF, it will be pretty good.

On the plus side, the PSP is doing really well thanks to so many titles being out for it and the hardware refresh.

Rooftrellen4927d ago

"You can't just lump the DS crowd in with consoles!"

The DS IS a console. Handheld consoles are consoles all the same.

gtgcoolkid4928d ago

Didn't it just sell 65,000 with 40 gb selling 50,000 in one day? How is that struggling?

Douchebaggery4928d ago

You can't have positive PS3 news without negative news to balance it out

Lucreto4928d ago

It seems like you need two bad stories to one good one around here.

Hatchetforce4928d ago

It is predicted to have outsold the Wii this month and it is struggling? Alright IGN (I Got Nothing)

actas1234928d ago

What happened to the respected websites with trustworthy writers... This is very disappointing.

HarryEtTubMan4928d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.