How Microsoft Can Take Xbox 360's "Achievement Points" to the Next Level

Here's how the Big M can truly make you feel like you achieved something.

"Here's a question for gamers out there: why do you achieve? This generation has seen advancements and innovations that in previous generations would have never been hoped for. Between HD gaming, the Wiimote, and Microsoft's Achievement System, gamers are playing in a whole new world. Many gamers praise the Achievement System because it gives you a sense of accomplishment for completing certain tasks and missions within the game. But what exactly are you truly accomplishing with these Achievements? Sadly, the answer is nothing."

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toughNAME4926d ago

One of the many reasons I knew I chose the right console <3

JokesOnYou4925d ago

he's exactly right, while I love achievements micro could push things to the next level by just adding a little more incentive like microsoft points, or unlocking free content, and so many other ways to boost their game sales even higher because rewards associated with achievements for gaming would be a killer combo for gamers= good business for micro.


MattyF4925d ago

I agree. I bet the next cycle of consoles will have something like that added.

SETBAK4925d ago

I achieve, therefore, I am.

BubblesDAVERAGE4925d ago

I dont see the big deal with achievements......just make you look like a super geek to me..

Saint Sony4925d ago

If you did not know, the achievements are part of the games, you already play the game so what's wrong with extra "goals" in it. Achievements are a little expansion to the game itself.

Achievements actually makes me sometimes play the games I've already finished that don't have much replay value without achievements.

Achievements works especially with all the cool arcade titles 360 has to offer, if you get 200/200 you really feel like you beat the game totally.... and it's funny how you really want to beat the game 200/200.

Works for me.

BLUR1114925d ago (Edited 4925d ago )

i think its awesome theres such thing becuz when u beat a game or even master it u have something to look back on and before the achevments u didnt have nothing to show for when u beat a game. it also builds a gamer rep for u on live with your gamerpoints

kewlkat0074925d ago

Instead of just unlocking achievements, you also unlock points towards other sh^t. Free sh^t and maybe if you unlock all you get 3 free maps or something like that.

What an incentive to finish the games 100%, while those that do can get rewarded.

someone quick forward this to MS...

Fux4Bux4925d ago

Lol are you kidding? They could've easily done that but they don't give a damn. They just want to trick you into spending "points" on pictures and over priced map packs.

kewlkat0074925d ago

has been the price of content, since Day one. Now I can afford sh^t but it doesn't take a poor fool to realize that the content is marked up significantly.

If everyone could make some noise we should be able to fight for lower pricing. Yes everyone is in it to make money but some of the sh^t you pay for on XBL can be ridiculous, but besides that not complaints besides minor sh^t.

I've never agreed with content pricing on XBL. Yeah don't we all want something free, would be nice be business don't work that way. every now and then or more often we should get more free sh^t.

Saint Sony4925d ago

The price is not the problem really.. just skip the last 1-2 beers. (yep, it's hard) ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.