Fall Dashboard Update Pictures Surface

Pretty much out of nowhere, MAXCONSOLE has come up with three images purportedly of the Fall update to the 360 dashboard.

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5865d ago
farside415865d ago

Can an admin please change this clowns avatar either that or ban him... I come to this site to get updates on gamer news,...

Optimus Prime5864d ago

farside i agree, that is disturbing looking at that.

Marriot VP5865d ago

hmmmm, could be fake. If you look close the new option windows that you click on pop out a little more and have darker edges.

I say wait cause this looks fake initially.

DEIx15x85865d ago

This looks ugly. Why would they replace the nice clean text with huge ugly pictures of weird things? What is up with the Megaphone girl on the feature icon?

Mikey_Gee5865d ago

I find myself likeing the look of it

Eternal E 8085865d ago

cool if they would just change up them [email protected] pictures in the back of the text

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