2nd Negative Review for Super Mario Galaxy: 2 out of 5

Galaxy is essentially the exact same game we were playing 10 years ago on the N64, albeit with prettier graphics and dizzying space levels. This would not of been a bad thing if the entire experience wasn't completely brought down by the convoluted storyline, frustrating motion controls and annoying minigames that do nothing but detract from the experience.

+ Graphics are impressive for the Wii
+ Lots of fan service
- Motion controls
- Minigames aren't very fun
- Nauseating levels
- Awful storyline

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MK_Red4922d ago

Meastro won' like this one...

Jack Bauer4922d ago

is this a real review site? or is it 599USD SDF type of site?

kspraydad4922d ago

I'm NO Nin fan but this site seems to basically try and pick on Nintendo...though they claim to cover all consoles.

If you look for reviews they are 90% Nintendo games and have tags like 'rape' 'i creamed my pants' 'hate' 'failure' etc.

Certainly not professional reviewers.

DeckUKold4922d ago

Just put the U R MR GAY letters in red i cannot believe them what kinda site is this

hotzizzy4922d ago

How does the site try and pick on Nintendo? The highest score given to anything is a Nintendo game, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, which is praised and awarded 5/5:
Zack and Wiki is also praised, and even called "one of the best games on the Wii ever:"
The reviews being 90% Nintendo (which is a very inaccurate percentage, but it doesn't really matter) means they are fans of Nintendo games, or they wouldn't bother reviewing games for their systems. As for the categories, the ones you mentioned are just for fun and aren't supposed to be taken seriously - judging the review quality and bias from the categories a post is under is just incredibly stupid and ignorant. Actually read the reviews before you start accusing them of bias because of some simple categories that are meant to be humorous.

brianpk804921d ago

They did do that to the letters in the sUpeR MaRIo GalAxY logo. I had to check it twice to see what you were looking for. I never heard of this site before but it seems very amateur to say the least.

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HarryEtTubMan4922d ago

MArio is the same thing over and over. Yea its the d=first "true aminstream " game ever... but its time to move over. Marios not the best anymore....not even close. People give this game great reviews only because it says MARIO on the front of the box. Its a fat plumber jumping around to save a pricess that can shot fire balls. Mario ALWAYS has a retarted story. Uncharted and Mass Effect are just in a TOTALLY different league. It's really not even comparbale the level of polish that goes into those games vs. Mario.

jjfunaz4921d ago

you are so far from the truth its rediculous. The level design in mario galaxy surpasses anything we've seen on ps3 or 360 to date. While its true that mario has been around forever and has stayed essentially a platformer throughout the entire 20 years of existance, Nintendo continues to push their gameplay to new levels, and evolves into something different each iteration.

Nintendo sets the standard for original ideas, gameplay control, level design, and above all fun factor. There is a reason that wii is selling to well, this is also the reason why nintendo struggles with thirdparty support. Companies who put less time and less effort into games on their platform turn out inferior (for the most part) to nintendo's first party games.

Most developers spend much of their budget on graphics, while nintendo uses more for the actual design process. Nintendo also isn't afraid to take risks, some pay off (DS) some don't (virtual boy) but they still push the envolope and set trends their competitor's follow.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4922d ago

LMAO they said motion controls is a downside to it. So in other words the fact that it uses motion controls makes it bad.

l4wl4922d ago

I guess I probably used the wrong phrasing there - I thought that the majority of the motion sensing, specific to this game, added nothing to the experience, only detracted from it.

Prismo_Fillusion4922d ago

Awful review.
I have 30 stars so far, and I haven't felt nauseous once. People who hate Nintendo sure do have weak stomachs...

Rooftrellen4922d ago

It took me a little getting used to.

It was nothing serious, but if I play for too long at once I can still get a little dizzy, and when I first started playing it, it happened a little more.

However, you're not supposed to be playing a game hours on end anyway, so...who really cares? It's never happened to me in the first 15 minutes, and you're supposed to take a break every 15 minutes anyway (that's any game, for those of you playing Halo 3 or Warhawk multiple hours straight!)

It's never been in the way of me enjoying myself, though.

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